5 Muscles that Cause Pain in the Low Back Area


Low back pain has become a sort of universal experience, felt by people across the globe. And yet, while we are looking towards relieving that back pain, most of the time we also forget to consider our muscles. Our bodies and muscles are not designed for the modern lifestyle, and our lower back and its muscles are the ones who pay the price for it. This is why muscles should be the first area that we consider when trying to relieve back pain and release muscle tension.

The following 5 muscles could be the key to releasing your lower back pain for good.

  1. Quadratus Lumborum (QL):

Quadratus Lumborum, or QL, is a deep lower back muscle that is essential for spinal stability. It is also used for side bending and it is a very active muscle that can get overworked in high-impact sports, by long hours of sitting or lifting heavy weights without proper form. Tension in this muscle can often be presented in the form of lower back pain, and because it is a deep muscle massaging and releasing it can be tough. Tools such as the QL Claw, have been specifically designed to be able to access these deep muscles and release the tension stored there.

  1. Psoas:

Psoas, which is located in the front of your body, is a large hip flexor and it connects the low back vertebrae to the top of the upper leg. The Psoas enables you to swing your leg forward when walking or running, and it allows you to bring your knee to your chest. It is also crucial for the stabilization of your spine. This muscle can become tight in people who have desk jobs, or tend to sit for longer than 8 hours.

The Psoas muscle tension can be released using the QL Claw device, as the device can specifically target that muscle. To release this muscle using the QL Claw you can follow the instructions in this video tutorial.

  1. Iliacus:

The Iliacus is another hip flexor muscle, that can tighten from sitting for many hours. This muscle, much like the Psoas muscle can have a detriment to your body and can be the cause of lower back pain.

The QL Claw was designed with the release of the Iliacus in mind, so by using it to massage the muscle, as seen here, you can relieve yourself of lower back pain.

  1. Gluteus Medius:

The Gluteus Medius muscle is an upper glute muscle that is essential for stability when standing. It is also used when walking playing sports and lifting. If you are spending many hours on your feet your Gluteus Medius can get overworked, and it can trigger your lower back pain.

The QL Claw was created to target the deep tissues of the muscles, can help massage the Gluteus Medius for lower back pain relief.

  1. Piriformis:

The Piriformis is a deep butt muscle that can easily get tense from quick athletic movements. It can often be the cause of pain in the tailbone or outer glute pain. This can extend to pain in the lower back if the individual spends a lot of ours seated.

The QL Claw can be used to release tension from that muscle as it can dig into its deep tissue. To learn more, you can click here.