Alessandro Michele Reset the Calendar for Gucci’s Fashion Shows


The coronavirus pandemic not only killing people but also causing trouble for all sorts of industries. The fashion industry is one of them which is greatly affected by a coronavirus. Because of store closures and heirloom brands filing for bankruptcy, many of the fashion houses are abandoning or delaying the new events and fashion shows.

As everybody knows, Gucci is the top class brand, and it conducts five shows in a year for its fans. However, due to the pandemic’s great hit, it is switching its Fashion Week strategy in which they will set up two shows per year. The scattering Fashion industry now believes in an over-scheduled calendar. While isolation has wrapped us all, Michele is trying to use his time for maximum advantage of his fashion industry.

Alessandro Michele’s Personal Diaries 

Moreover, Alessandro Michele, an Italian fashion designer and creative director of Gucci Brand, started using brand’s official Instagram page for sharing his personal thoughts and posts. He shared six letters and named the post as “Notes from the Silence”. In the letters, he wrote about the discoveries he did during lockdown and plans for Gucci’s bright future. It is the whole collection from the 29th of March to the 16th of May. Michele almost covered 18 Instagram posts, and in one post, he explained that he has decided to choose between the “worn-out ritual of seasonality and shows to regain a new cadence, closer to my expressive call.”

Rescheduled Fashion Calendar

According to Michele, “Two engagements a year are more than enough to give time to form a creative thought, and to give more time to this system.” Moreover, he said that he would come across twice a year to share the new story with new chapters. These new chapters will be the blend of rules and genres, and linguistics codes and communication platforms.

These chapters will also be thrilled, lop-sided, and free and will be nourishing on new space. Michele called a meeting on Monday, the 25th of May, discussing his notes and explaining them further. According to him, sing terms like “cruise” and “Per-fall” are not the real words that really mean his creativity and didn’t give any stimulation to him.

After a successful discussion, he introduces a new word into the argument “Epilogue” having literary meaning “conclusion”. He also announced that this word would be used for the upcoming Gucci’s collection, which is debuting on the 17th of July throughout Milan Digital Fashion Week, per Women’s Wear Daily fashion industry.

Saint Laurent’s Announcement

According to Saint Laurent, a luxury fashion house, they will not follow the set calendar of 2020 for their events. Moreover, they will not be part of the Paris Fashion Week because of the stunning growth of pandemic. According to their new set plans for fashion shows, Michele will show only in fall and spring. He also said that he would set a specific directory for the gender-fluid customers named “Gucci MX” on the shopping website in a dedicated shopping section.