London Fashion Week’s New Virtual Platform Launching By the British Fashion Council


The British council creates a channel all about fashion. On this channel, there are a large number of people that are skilled and talented are competing on this platform. These peoples are more than 25000. This channel name is called the Netflix channel for fashion. Now, the British Fashion Council is also releasing a new London Fashion Week hub.  In which hub of fashion are including virtual showrooms, digital shows, discussions of the panel, and many other interactive offerings for the people. Everyone has a chance to win and can become famous through it.

Many businesses have been sifted and working from their homes due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Now, the London fashion also believes in the digital shows, virtual showrooms. Some videos are much attractive about fashion and podcast these videos in its only new digital format.

In the history of 40 years, the British fashion council is going to create a new virtual platform only for the fashion hub. By using this platform, the fashion designers can show their branded collection on it through the Netflix channel for fashion. It will be an excellent platform for designers to show their talent. The fashion event replaces the men’s fashion week that is gender-neutral and will also include the smaller women’s labels such as Lou Dalton and Teatum Jones. Therefore, the London Fashion Week in September will still go ahead.

Famous Names of London

London Craig Green, A-Cold-Wall, Matty Bovan, Edward Crutchley, or Art School have the biggest and famous names. All of these names will be missing due to the critical situation, social distancing requirements because this digital fashion week was held on 12 to 14 June but cannot take place. CFDA and BFC that are the produce few in numbers but provide excellent quality in the clothing of brand collection. These brands collection can directly reach from business to customers quickly.

Due to lock down, New York has postponed its men’s fashion week, Paris and Milan will manage the virtual events. According to the staff and another working team, they can make live conversations that are easy during the fashion week because staff cannot meet physically.

Designers Appear on Digital Platform

There are many designers such as Charles Jeffrey, Priya Ahluwalia, Nicholas Daley, Xander Zhou, who will appear on the digital platform. Every designer has its showcase of branded collection page and an e-commerce platform integrated with their shops. So, buyers can also order them online. Digital showrooms will become possible for fashion by the Joor.  Some of the other designers will also use the latest technology to make attractive videos. They will use all of the social media forms for selling their products that will be clickable or shop-able. These types of happening forced us to make something new and creative, but the collection will be present timely.

Designers of LFW

Bianca Saunders designer will also show the spring and summer brand collection of 2021.she has a very stylish brand signature and will also participate in the panel discussion.

  • Matthew Miller did not appear last time, but this year he will present a film through this the consumer’s sales will boost up. He can produce the cloth of men’s wear after placing the order by the consumer only within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Qasimi, which has shown at London Fashion Week, will showcase its spring and summer 2021 collection under new creative directors. A short film and photography will use to showcase the collection.

London fashion events follow the lead Fashion Week, which offered successful virtual showcase platforms.