Meet our Team

Our team is your team. We have professional copyrighters, blogs, reviews, news, and long form article writer who are passionate and produces content that positively influences society.

Get to know your team below.

Anila Sadia

Anila is a fashionista, and she loves to write fashion and lifestyle blog content, news, reviews, and latest trend. As a content specialist, Anila research and draft bylines, blogs, and other valuable assets to grab readers who are curious about the latest fashion and lifestyle trend.

Ellie Miller

Ellie works collaboratively with our B2B tech PR teams to craft creative, relevant, and unique content for target readers. She works across the Marketing and Retail technology teams, drafting contributed articles, data reports, white papers, and more.

Anam Ijaz

Her focus content areas are business and finance-related content. She knows how to cover up all business and finance based topics to enhancing proficiency. She knows how to deliver quality content and satisfy the need of the reader.


Yusra is a creative content writer; her expertise is to write technology and innovative blogs, news, and reviews. She knows the basic requirements to cover up innovative technology, robotics, Mobile apps based topic with an expository tone. She believes in high-quality work and delivery of 100% satisfactory work.

Rida Nasir

She does content writing mostly for health websites and blog posts. She knows how to connect the dots within the given content. She used to switch the writing niches to different topics to think outside the box and to enhance the knowledge. She focuses on high-quality content by adapting crucial SEO basics.Eric Moran

Eric Manage editorial and produce content for onairstory. From his digital background, Eric brings several years’ experience with SEO, social media, and blogging to the team. His work includes contributed articles, blog posts, and other long-form assets.