Baffling Sneakers are in Trend Again as Ana de Armas Becomes the Latest Public Figure to Wear it


Ana de Armas has become the latest celebrity to wear the most baffling sneakers known to man. She was seen with the sneakers in Malibu on an outing.

The sneakers are back into the discussion as the actress stepped out in the pair of “Golden Goose Superstar” sneakers. The shoes have dull white laces and scuff marks painted on. The pair is just like the other Superstars of the same, plus the glitter covering.

We all have rocked in our favourite conversed pair to enjoy happy days. This particular pair of athletic sneakers have been formerly sold several times with rounds of Tough Mudder at a high price of $480 and even high.

It is nothing new that many celebrities are already obsessed with this beat-up pair. The prominent fans of the pair are our very known Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and the top of them is Michelle Obama, who wore the sneakers recent week.

The pair upholds its status over the years when celebrities are paying a high cost that others might not spend on shoes only. Though the hi-top shoes seem accustomed surely there is something special about these Golden Geese that people are giving hard cash.