Follow Up: Justin Bieber Supports Kanye West for Reunion with Wife Kim Kardashian


The news of Kim Kardashian’s visit to husband Kanye West in Wyoming after an exceedingly tense period of their married life went into the papers. The update is that a known friend Justin Bieber help the patch-up.

While West was ghosting Kim after lashing out about, they wanted an abortion when Kim was pregnant with North, their first child and he is trying to get a divorce since long. Several twitter rants from the star accused Kim of cheating and trying to lock him up with the help of a doctor. The emotional outburst of the rapper on social media and in rally caused tension between the couple.

Someone from the close circle of the couple revealed that Kim wants to talk to Kanye and she tried reaching him but he didn’t respond to any call or message.

He apologized online for his behaviour and internet accusations but he was still not ready to talk in person. Another source revealed that Kanye is embarrassed by him being a disappointment for Kim and this is killing him, but he cannot talk to his wife to avoid the conflict.

Then, Justin Bieber, the famous friend, stepped in for help and convinced the rapper to not avoid her. He flew to Cody, Wyoming and talked to his friend who was coping with mental health issues.

Just 26, Justin was supportive and sympathetic for the rapper to grapple with the bipolar disorder. Justin then intervened and asked West to talk to Kim. It worked and they talked on the phone. Later they met in Wyoming as she had a lot to talk.

Justin was a positive influence. He said that he was just concerned with the wellbeing of Kanye and wanted to make sure he is good. “That’s what friends are for”. He also struggled hard himself before reaching out to help Kanye.