How Sephora Got 15% Aurora Jame’s Pledge


Sephora and James:

Sephora brand launched in 1970, is a multinational beauty store as well as personal care. This brand is currently working in Paris. It is selling 3000 brands along with its own private labeling. Sephora offers cosmetic products including many types of care products. Buyers can test products before purchasing them.

Aurora James’s model in Toronto. At the age of 15, James’s completed her first modeling internship. She studies fashion designing and does works for Fashion Television. Now, she is working with local artisans of Africa. Because she wants to experience a diversified culture. Jame’s found 15% pledge then retailers dedicate 15% of their inventory to the black-owned businesses. Because in the world of fashion beauty, the work of black people appreciated. And many people compare the work of white and black.

Major Brands of James Aurora:

James pledge four major brands such as Target, Sephora, Whole Foods as well as Shop bop. She also executes that to buying 15% of products from the Black -owned businesses. On June 10, Sephora announced about supporting the 15% pledge as well as Aurora James. Sephora has become a very organization, also has many branches of its store. It’s a place where ladies meet up easily. According to James, I had worked with the Sephora organization, they are very innovative. I know very well how they bring change for getting the prime position.

Three Pledge Stages:

Now, Sephora has declared about the three stages of the pledge.

  • The current 15 % pledge is only on for shelf space in which they will support the black-owned businesses especially.
  • They will also take ownership of discovery whenever; they understand the blind points.
  • After covering the above two steps, they will take action and execute their plan.

According to Sephora’s executive vice president, a 15 % pledge is a very motivating thing. Because we know, it is a very beneficial thing for our regular customers, our company, and for our industry as well. Actually, it is a long-term project. Our system is very unique and innovative that will grow the black-owned businesses platform in a better way. Their voice is also very attractive and beneficial for our pledge business.

Commitment between James and Sephora:

Both Sephora and James do a long- term project commitment. On Sephora store, they will sell out the beauty products and also will support the Black-owned businesses platforms. Because we think these black business resource and supply chains can be utilized in a purposeful way. However, our organization will donate $10 million only. Because by giving out the donations our communities will grow up. In the near future, our idea about 15 % pledge, as well as black own businesses, have become very successful. Now, Sephora has become the very biggest organization of beauty products. According to James, we will also share our business strategies, business methods as well as techniques. All of this information, method, techniques will be proven very beneficial for other multinational companies.  Then, they also will be able to follow them.