Why In The 2020 Year The Channels Digital Show Disappointment About French Brand?


Nowadays, digital shows have the core markets of their brands. They allow the brands a liberty process is testing them in the new regions. Then, the digital displays copy the brand’s buying process. Many brands are using virtual showrooms because they want to connect with their buyers anywhere in this world—and sell them their brand collection that they want to wear. The digital showrooms track the brand’s group when the season turns. After seeing the products, they can pre-edit them easily.

The French brand also discloses its virtual collection. In this pandemic era, the digital show has become the most prominent fashion show. The first digital show was cancel but again reveal on June 8. It also goes along with a weekend due to which he protested against the police cruelty. All over the world, racialism sparked by the murdering of George Floyd. Therefore, many cities and countries have become very careful and avoid the reopening of digital shows.

COVID Lockdown affects Brand Collection:

After the occurrence of this happening, digital shows do not gain the attention of their buyers about the brand collection. It was the first big virtual traveling show organized on Virginie Viard’s tenure as a creative or innovative CEO. On May 7, this program planned out. But due to the COVID-19 lockdown, this show did not happen according to Ms. Viard.

According to the lockdown circumstance, sales volume affects severely. On different levels, the brand collection shows a very disappointing situation. They also control the brand collection, such as their images, as well as videos of the brand collection. After a while, this brand does many tweeting about the group. It also shares some videos on Instagram.

Brand Presented by Models:

Their whole brand collection or demonstration of clothing ignore very severely due to COVID-19. They want to boost up their brand sales and secure their future, but vice versa. This brand collection was falling very rapidly. Some ladies are the model, working for some brands. The beautiful shooting scene for presenting brands with models such as flowering areas, the rocky place also, etc. because these types of spaces and landscaping places attract the buyer most, and dressing style too prominent.  Due to hair blowing machines, hairstyles and haircuts of the model also look gorgeous.

Their clothing includes belly chain, leather bags, shirts, skirts, show up their legs, long as well as short lame dresses, etc. It also has a fantastic Chanel 2020 brand collection.

Working Aim:

They want to connect with their buyers or all of the world by doing work from home. Now in the lockdown situation, they are working on the house dresses. We are using the fabric stuff that we have already. Livestreaming is the best way of showing pictures of the brand collection. According to Ms. Viard, we can share videos on social media and get results or suggestions within no period. It can be share from any location.