The Pandemic COVID-19 Transformed the Exposure of Physical London Fashion Week to Digital Equivalent


In March, Paris Fashion Week came to an end with the Louis Vuitton show that was displayed in a ghostly yard of the Louvre museum. Nobody knew that it was the last concrete catwalk event of 2020 at that time. Unfortunately, coronavirus put the full stop against all physical parties and events to stop its spreading. Thus, with this, the physical fashion weeks also came to an end.

Now the world will see a new digital transformation in the history of Fashion Weeks. London comes to the top in the four major fashion capitals for choosing an online platform to defeat the COVID-19.

Good News for Fashion Lovers

The British Fashion Council decided in April to use one digital podium that will substitute catwalk fashion displays for some specified time. However, it would bring all of the gendered datebooks of London Fashion Week closer than ever before. From the day coming, they will set time to schedule men shows in Spring 2021. In the past, only the fashion industry members were able to check out the coming season’s ware. But now, luckily, everyone either a purchaser or fan of designer’s work can see the new arrival of fashion collection.

What Will Make #LFW More Exciting than Ever Before?  

On social platforms, this year’s London Fashion Week is famous as #LFWreset. It will inform people about the upcoming movies from well-known Brands as Nicholas Daley, Teatum Jones, and Marques’Almeida. Additionally, people will also be able to talk about sustainability through a panel. The designers like Christopher Raeburn, Hussein Chalayan, and Bianca Saunders, Daniel W. Fletcher will be available for further discussions. All of them have appeared in Next in Fashion Netflix Series, and they will share ready-to-wear collection to buy instantly. It will also include the collection of graduate students from the University of Westminster and Central Saint Martins.

The Best of London Fashion Week 

Charles Jaffrey is famous for providing the best and energetic shows in the history of London Fashion Week. While his Loverboy always entertains the audience with a live event at the end of the weekend. If people demand the same shows this year, they must consider the appealing request of the audience. Furthermore, who wants to learn about this fashion week’s cogency, with consequences on the industry, should log in to their website. Consequently, they can see some filtered results from the history of this fashion series. The novel method of LFW is at the top of the significant fashion events and starts its new efficient progressions. Now the brands can expose their collections to a variety of audiences; thus, it will help them grow their businesses faster and get more connections.

The chief administrator of the British Fashion Council Caroline Rush stated that:

“Canceling London Fashion Week was never an option. The big question was around what sort of format it would take in lockdown.”

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