Michael Kors is an American designer of luxury brand collection. He is a fabulous creator, as well as a chairman of his brand name, is MK. MK started his fashion career when a very young model. After quitting the modeling career, he started his work as a fashion designer. It’s a passion when he designs a beautiful wedding dress for his beloved mother. Now, provide versatile product range for selling purpose not only for men but also for women such as clothing brand collection, amazing and beautiful bags, variety of shoes, branded watches, unique styles of jewelry, and many other accessories. All of these things are available under one roof very quickly. If someone is not wanted to go to Michael kors showroom then, they can place orders online from any location in the USA. Their team will ethically deliver the order by using the express delivery platform.

Refuse to work with American shows

Now, Michael has involved in a list of those designers who divert their programs regarding showing his creative and amazing banded collection. He rejected more than four American shows and producing the ready to wear only on his showroom. Before they begin the sales season of clothes, they work on the manufacturing process. American designer MK introduces only two collections of brands such as spring-summer and autumn-winter in one year. In September, fans and influencers can not see this brand collection because they will present it in October or November of 2021. But the company decide that they should drop-ship the clothes in the shops and store before presenting them. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, we have stay salesman out from our store. Therefore, the sales level is also affecting it.  Because making the process of collection, originate models is a time taking thing. In Michael’s words, by using this strategy, customers buy many things from the branded collection.

Michael statements about the fashion industry

I thought fashion trends or calendar needs to change after a short period. Because peoples want something new, bored earlier, also, discuss the most significant international retailers and how we can do better the process, taking steps to improve the quality of work. We all have the time; therefore, we should observe things and also analyze them. Because it is a new era of the wok, apply the different working strategies for doing work in good manners. Many designers reject the New York fashion week because they swamped in doing their work of collection. In April, Saint Laurent will be left the fashion show in Paris, and the Gucci also switches the fashion calendar. Because all of these are working on their show.