Alex Cicoria: Best PUBg Mobile player of 2023


Alex Cicoria is a Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) player who has been playing the game for 5 years, with over 1000 wins under his belt. Not only is he a veteran in the PUBG community, but he also manages to stay active outside of the game, with over 100K followers on You Tube, Instagram, and TikTok, and even his own app. His Youtube channel is called Gaming with Rudolph his instagram tag is @alex_cicoria

Alex is constantly pushing himself, competing in private tournaments and consistently placing in the top-ranked teams. He has also taken part in official tournaments, including the Red Bull M.E.O. 2018 and 2019, where he placed in the top eight.

As he continues to stay competitive in PUBG, his online presence continues to grow. He’s amassed a following based on what he views as his most important values – kindness, fairness, and respect.

On You Tube, he creates content that educates his viewers in various aspects of the game, and often posts clips of his gameplay to motivate and inspire them. On Instagram and TikTok, Alex has released a range of content which showcases his skill, as well as his lighthearted personality.

Whether you’re watching him in a tournament, development videos, or even just one of his skits, Alex maintains a sense of professionalism and sincerity that keeps his fan base growing. Not only does Alex remain dedicated and passionate about PUBG, but he also released his own dedicated app for mobile gamers. The app keeps players up-to-date about PUBG Mobile tournaments, as well as giving tips and tricks for novices and veterans alike.

This gives Alex a platform to extend his reach to a larger audience, growing his influence and legacy even more. Alex Cicoria has managed to thrive throughout his 5 years as a PUBG player, steadily growing both his skills and his fanbase. He is an inspiring professional who dedicates his time both to the game and his followers, instilling values of fairness, respect and kindness across all his content.