Anthony Hardin’s New Album “But You”is timely message on trusting in God


“But You”, the latest album by Anthony Hardin, captures the greatness of God and how we should view Him.  The album is a collection of affirmation messages from Anthony to God using songs and instrumentals.  On the album, Anthony performs collaboratively with artists from around the world, including: Jamaica, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Italy. All 22 songs and instrumentals (click link for summary of album songs and videos: ( ) speak to the universality of God and His ability to give us truths, see our dreams, and know our hearts.

“We’ve moved You away” ( ), a single released from the “But You” album, was released on April 21, 2023 and summarizes how many of us have moved God out of our lives.  There’s only one song on the album where Anthony isn’t directly addressing his message to God: “I Will Not Say Your Name”. Having lost family members to cancer, Anthony refuses to acknowledge the power of cancer in this song.  He believes his family members ultimately won their battle by ascending to be with God, whose power is greater than any illness.

While “Miss Me With This Sheet” ( ) , released as a single, is not a part of the “But You” album, it serves as the album’s pre-release anthem.

Anthony’s YouTube Channel ( ), “The Antney Experience”connects with viewers and subscribers using “message music”.   Find his website at .Click on the link to view the videos in support of Anthony’s music.

“But You” is a powerful testimony to remind us of how we can all be united by the power and joy of our relationship with God, now and forevermore. #ButYouAlbum