Tap-In Magazine Introduces Six Dynamic Women Influencing the World from Paris, France


Women’s History Month is a cause for celebration throughout the world. Many powerful women have worked hard to create a reality where women can have equal rights and opportunities. And yet, it is not only their actions that need to be celebrated. Many modern-day women break barriers every day, rising above the circumstances that would like to keep them down. These women raise their voices to speak up for a better future, create businesses and opportunities for their communities, and bring change to a world that needs it.

A team of six inspiring and exceptional women has taken the world by storm as they speak up on some of the most prominent issues relating to life, business, and community. More importantly, they are working to promote ideas and ideals that are important to all communities, no matter the part of the world that they are in. These women have been touring around and appearing in many key events, including the Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour and, more recently, the Women’s RISEConference, a two-day event in Paris held on March 8-9 in honor of Women’s History Month.

Those who have met these exceptional women or who have at least had the chance to hear them speak have been blessed with incredible insights about their lives and the world.

So, who are these powerful women?

Dr. Theresa Ann Moseley is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC. She has dedicated her life to creating a space where conflict resolution can effectively be taught in communities and schools. Her book Creating Ambassador of Peace: 16 Steps to Become an Ambassador of Peace is the best-selling book that helps people find their true purpose and authentic self in the world while creating peace in their surroundings. During the Paris Rise Up event, she addressed key points of her teachings in her talk about Transformational Leadership.

Constance Woulard is highly educated in the field of health, with a bachelor’s and master’s in Nursing. Using her years of expertise and academic knowledge, she has dedicated her life to mentoring individuals suffering from mental health problems. Her speech on Suicide Prevention: The Tribe Effect is a topic that is even more important in today’s day and age with current suicide rates and the need for extensive healing because of the isolation brought about by the pandemic.

Marie S. Boatwright is a transformational speaker, international best-selling author, educator, and minister. Her focus is on helping others to move from their trials to triumph and become the best version of themselves. She believes in education, empowering, and elevating people to live in their purpose. During the event in Paris, she talked about Resilience. Resourceful, Reboot. Rebuild four powerful points that tell a personal account of her role as a caregiver and how it transcends into becoming an influential, effective leader. These points are essential in human relationships, growth, health, wellness, and leadership.

Rhonda Wood’s work as an international empowerment speaker and best-selling author has led to her featuring in magazines, podcasts, and talk shows. As a mental health advocate and coach, her work is focused on empowering people and helping them experience a more abundant and purpose-filled life. Her deep level of transparency and openness when speaking leads to an immediate connection and openness in the heart ofeveryone who listens. Her work is deeply rooted in helping others restore their passion and vision, rediscovering the power of their voice, and resetting their value system. All of these were topics she covered during her speech in Paris about Women’s Mental Health Matters.

Y. Rena Cooper is an International Best-Selling Author, CEO, and founder of the non-profit 4 My Voice Matters and Y. Rená Unlimited, LLC. Her work is focused around helping people overcome all types of trauma. Her speech “I Quit” was not only heartfelt but extremely inspirational as well.

Tandra Price, also known as “The Networking Ninja,” has key experiences and knowledge in the field of connections. She has over the years worked with many businesses both in the U.S. and the international business world. Price is also well-known not only for her many initiatives that have helped bring together female communities across many different cities but also for her incredible magazine called Tap-In. Tap-In was created to uplift women and bring their work to the forefront.

The publication is known for connecting leaders and entrepreneurs as they embark on the journey of building up their businesses. Editorial pieces on the work of the inspirational women she has been touring with are not only well created but also made to promote and uplift others. This magazine is an invaluable tool in the hands of businesses looking to grow. In Paris, she spoke about the need for connection. In her speech Connecting vs. Collecting, she shared many of her insights about making moves in the U.S. and international business world.

These six women are influential figures in the world of leadership and mental health, and they are helping create change across many different communities. To learn more, you can either visit Tap-In Magazine www.tapinmagazine.org or their individual websites.