The Endeavour Fund Is No Longer the Part of the Royal Foundation: Prince Harry


The Royal Family member Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have decided to step down from the Royal Family’s senior membership in the coming months. It means they will not be able to perform any activity on behalf of Queen. They will be able to do so when Queen herself reviewed the measures within twelve months’ time. Also, they are in the hunt for financial independence. He broke all the ties with his brother and sister-in-law’s charity. They can no longer be able to use the word “Royal” in any of their activity due to UK Government rules. They are now a day’s living in Tyler Perry’s Los Angeles mansion due to coronavirus lockdown.

Transformation to INCIVTUS GAMES Foundation

The Royal Foundation no longer deal with the Duke of Sussex’s Endeavour fund. It has been transferred to his sporting event, the Invictus Games. His brother William and his sister-in-law Kate will continue to serve as the senior member of the Royal Family.

On Twitter, it was also announced in a tweet by the Endeavour Fund that they are now the part of Invictus Games. But now Prince Harry will have his own charities, and it might hurt William and Kate. They have separated all the charity work. Prince Harry established endeavor Funds in 2012. These funds were used to support injured people working in the military.

The Endeavour Funds’ Description

If we look at the organization’s bio on twitter, it says: “The Endeavour Fund seeks to help wounded, injured and sick ex-service personnel achieve their ambitions in the fields of sport and adventurous challenge.”

This decision of Price Harry will be brought a deep separation between him and his Royal family, especially with his brother and sister-in-law. It is because they worked together for a long time for The Royal Foundation. Now it will be run by his brother alone, which helps in different ways. As the description of The Royal Foundation says: “Driven by a desire to make a difference together, The Royal Foundation is the primary philanthropic and charitable vehicle for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

Before leaving the Royal Family wholly and officially, Harry and his wife, Meghan, attended the Endeavour Fund’s awards in March 2020. It was held in honor of recovered people of armed forces from some injuries and who have been part of sport and adventures.

The Sussex Royal Brand Name Legacy

They also withdraw their Instagram account used for trademark as Sussex Royal brand name. They declared this on the Sussex Royal website that their non-profit organization will not use the name Sussex Royal or any other duplication of ‘Royal’. It has been named as Archewell told by the Royal writer Robert Hardman to Radio 4. Moreover, he said: “They have paid a great deal of money registering the trademarks.”

Let’s see this decision of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle is how far prove better for them and when they will come and rejoin the Royal Family. Maybe, they live independently for the rest of their lives.