Do you know the secret behind Kate Middleton’s three rings on wedding fingers?


Kate Middleton is a very famous personality and a member of the royal family of the British. Life partner of Prince William awaited to be a king of the UK (United Kingdom). The first time, Kate Middleton met with Prince William when they were students at St Andrew’s University. Both Kate Middleton and Prince Willian were live in the same residential area in University Hall. In 2002, She participated at a charity fashion show at the university, appeared on the stage wearing a charming lace dress when they fell in love with each other. In early 2010, the appearance in front of the public for announcing their engagement. It was a fundraising event that is organized by the Cancer Trust Institute for Teenagers in December 2010.

Duchess evacuate the events

Kate Middleton well-known lady due to her fashion that influences others, and now a marvelous mom of three children’s names are Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis. Some months ago, Duchess left many events because she wants to stay at home with her lovely children due to this lockdown situation. Also, an amiable personality with the family royal. Nowadays, the whole royal family is becoming a part of news once again, especially Kate Middleton, due to her three wedding fingers rings contain lovely meanings. In 2011, the marriage of this royal couple done in Westminster Abbey. On this particular day, every bank was close in the United Kingdom, also called the day of St. Catherine.

Solitaire sparkling diamonds

The engagement ring contains an approximately 12-carat weight of pure sky-blue diamonds with 14 solitaire sparkling diamonds that all noticed by their fans. It is a heritage ring given by Prince William’s mother. This royal finger ring is unique gifted from Princess Diana, but she also wears two more along with it in her fingers. And tell us an exciting story about them. One ring is her antique wedding ring made with rare kind of welsh gold and other two rings that are the attractive gifts given by William Prince. Prince William’s said that the present price of Eclipse Diamond Eternity ring is £995, and women love to wear gold jewelry. According to Kate Middleton, these three rings are the turning point in her life. In 2013, he gave this white gold band diamond ring to his wife on the birth of their child Prince George.