A Meet Popular Creator & Artist Mike Lubino


In today’s music world, creatives from all over the globe are tasked with possessing more than just talent. For many creators, becoming an entrepreneur in their own respective space is becoming more and more a necessity in today’s market and multi-talented is just the beginning when it comes to describing creator Mike Lubino.

Mike Lubino is an artist,well renowned author, composer and performer from Martinique and Guadeloupe. This multi-faceted creator knows more than a thing or two when it comes to design as he is also a multimedia communication designer and founder of his own label Sonad Production / Paris Canada official.

Since 2017, Lubino’s career began to take off after he released his new 1st single “Pris à mon jeu” which was produced by Frédérique Wurtz. Shortly thereafter, the opus was unanimous in all Caribbean clubs. During the awards ceremony for the Afro-Caribbean arts trophies, Lubino would then go on to receive the Revelation Award for Best Male Voice in Guadeloupe.

Lubino’s hard work does not go unrecognized – as a producer and multimedia designer, Mike Lubino is an internationally recognized creator with recognition from major municipalities around the glove like New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal, and several others.

Today, Lubino is based in Canada where he works as a successful graphic designer alongside Canadian singer Kandy K; an international artist who has previously a manager for international super star Alicia Keys and Florida. Mike Lubino sets out on an adventures and becomes the “official showcase” by doing everything possible to communicate these outgoing projects to fans alike.

He optimizes from the hexagon of the “graphic editions” by developing an original concept on the web. He adds Robin Roxette, Noell Regali, Lakeyah, Kastilla to his list by doing digital reissues. This new way of promoting and relaunching online videos has allowed him to get noticed by big names in show business.

Today, Mike Lubino is working hard on his creative abilities and also posts regularly on social media. Make sure to stay tuned into Mike Lubino by following his exciting journey below:

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