Iqra Hameed – The Inspiration behind the women in businesses

Iqra Hameed – synonymous to Girl Power. She always longed for being a young motivational shining star to solve local problems that Pakistani people are suffering in their daily lives. Technology becomes her only source of contentment. The enthusiasm of Women’s empowerment worked as a new key role of survival of fitness in this troublesome society.
Moving to Karachi gave her a plethora to help people around her. At an incredibly youthful age, she got the opportunity to roll in the society of the United States of America as Techwomen 2018 where she was fortunate enough to visit 24 Fortune companies like Google, Yahoo, Slack, Pinterest, Mozilla, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, etc., and worked as a mentee at Salesforce USA.
In her older days in Pakistan, she became a star as a founding team of a company named Pink Taxi PAXI who worked for minimizing harassment issues in transport that females usually face in Pakistan. Here, at this platform, they were able to introduce harassment-free rides for the females of her society. For the empowerment of the nation and proud surrounding for her country, she believes to work till her last breath. She is expressive with sensitive issues which no one usually talks about as she not only took the courage to speak but too much extent she was able to eradicate them as well.
She worked for Health Tech Start-Up named as InstaCare as Product Manager. The entire career until now is that she believes to work with Start-Ups, elevating them and letting them shine in Society. The Zest in her provokes to let the Women explore outside the box and let them see the glittery world outside the bounds created by society for them.
Iqra has a track record of working with tech startups and is experienced in business formation, operations and management. She is an active speaker, marketer, technology PM . A strong voice for women rights and women in businesses.