Malvados Has Launched E-commerce Store


The Malvados always like to work with all those brands who promote traveling. Also, it offered many sponsorships to different brands. Jen Rainnie, a former Canadian Windsurfing Champion, is the owner of the Malvados brand and a passionate traveler. Her innate desire to travel provoke her to launch E-commerce in Vancouver. In this store, they are offering stylish sandals and flip-flops for travelers and adventure seekers.

Jen’s Passion and Vision

It designs footwear for crazy hearts and passionate dreamers. Its owner Jen has a lot of experience of traveling and seeking adventures. She used to live out of a retrofitted van while competing in an Ontario sport event circuit. She merged her passion for athletics and outdoor adventures with the fashion industry. Before starting her own business, she worked as a sales representative with different fashion brands like Roxy and Quicksilver. After that, she became a distributor for seaside-focused lines. She said, “My passion was really in swimwear and sandals. I always use water and beach background.”

Rainnie is running her footwear for about six years. And now, she took advantage of the opportunity to introduce new footwear in the market in her E-commerce store. She said about sandal brands, “I realized that there wasn’t anything out there in that category that was different.” Moreover, she added, “We had an immediate buy-in from Canadian outlets. They were ready for something novel and different.”

Malvados Ambassadorship

Malvados also works as an ambassador for those interested in traveling as well as DJs and musicians. It also has a partnership with fellow Canadian Brand Brunette the Label for promotional invitations. Jen also sponsored many musical events like Music Heals fete in Vancouver. There was an interview about her personal experience of traveling and the world of adventure. In which she said, “I’m pretty resilient. And, this goes back to authenticity—I can relate to that young person who’s passionate about what they’re doing.”

Her enthusiasm seems boundless in the present global situation, like the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic is affecting everyone in the universe. But she is still passionate and hopes full to the group and open to the learning opportunities. She has a plan for how to advance Malvados’ items. She says, “We’ve tried to embrace the fact that we’re in this situation and offer people something that will make them happy and comfortable while they’re home.”

Malvados is one of those brands that are taking part in the Wear Canada Proud Online Shopping Event. It is presented by FASHION and CAFA. She learned from the hardships she has been through and being a so skilful lady; her children can get plenty of information from her. She continued her conversation and started telling about her children. She said, “The education they’re getting through all of this is so much bigger and is going to have so much more of an impact than what they would’ve learned in school.”

Moreover, she added, “I think we’re going to have a lot of good come out of this. There’s so much reflecting and change that’s going to come out of this year.”