Brandon Mason, From Football Star to Sports Host


“The Brandon Mason Show” is starting to gain ground as broadcasters, press and other magazines are catching wind. The host, Brandon Mason is an American tv personality and sports analyst with years of “on the field experience. As a player he always talked about launching a media platform featuring amazing talent and viral news but it came quicker than he expected. People are starting to mention Mason’s unique style of Sports Background Personality he brings to the TV. For those who do not know his background, you can google his history and now watch him LIVE to understand more about Brandon Mason’s life. How did he get to this point?

Mason has been an athlete all his life and shined through his hometown located in New Jersey. In high school, he received a number of awards and accolades including Breaking Records, All State Awards, High School Heisman, the MVP of the Governor’s Bowl featuring New York vs New Jersey. As a result of his abilities on the field, Mason received a full scholarship to one of the major sports programs, The University of Pittsburgh. As a freshman he started as Kick Returner and also contributed as Running Back for the Panthers but a series of injuries hurt his field time. After transferring to Stony Brook University where he accepted another scholarship, Mason tore his ACL which required surgery to repair the ligament. This was an obstacle in his NFL aspirations which then ended with workouts for the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins, something which Mason had dreamed of his entire life.

Mr. Mason realized his strong interest in business and technology but more specifically, social media marketing were leading his life in an entirely new direction. Utilizing his already existing experience in sports, Mason began taking the world of sports analysis and entertainment by storm. Soon, he had his own show which viewers could tune in both through his personal website and YouTube channel. As time went by, he continued growing his online presence by adding segments to his website with interesting topics and news coming from the world of sports.

His newfound career as a sports analyst and tv personality has allowed him to dream even bigger now as he has full control of his brand recognition. This natural progression and ability to utilize his skills and knowledge have helped set Brandon Mason apart from every other sports presenter who has tried to make it big. Mason continues to watch and learn daily from the top names in the industry such as Stephen A Smith, Colin Cowherd and Michael Strahan, another former New York Giants Player. His story is one of continued growth and if you want to be a part of what he does next then you can follow him using TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.