Hussam Khaddour : An Inspirational Success Story


Hussam Khaddour is a man of great determination and drive. Throughout his life, he has actively worked to not only build a name for himself and his brand but also to help people reach their health goals. But to be able to help others, one first needs to look inwards and take the necessary steps for their betterment. This is something Khaddour not only recognizes but also works towards actively.

Asa professional certified coach specialist in bodybuilding, he has spent a large part of his life finding the best training methods and implementing them for better results. He has also recognized that sometimes it can be challenging to deal with injuries and still perceive, and yet it is often that perseverance that is more important than even an Award.

In 2019 he competed in the Arnold Classicand the Cutler classic. This was his first time competing in both Las Vegas and Ohio and under the instruction of Jay Cutler, it became a time of incredible growth. It was during this time that he truly came to realize the importance of lifestyle routines, and how those routines could alter his nutrition program with supplements protocols as well as allow him to try a new workout routine style.

Even though the Arnold Classic competition did not go the way that Khaddour had hoped due to a previous leg injury he was still recovering from, he managed to place 2nd in the Cutler classic. A position that truly showcased his shift in perspective and abilities. This was also his first competition in the Classic Physique Category where he ranked fourth. All of his success in the field though did not just help him grow his physical capabilities, but also helped him understand the struggles others might be facing with their workout routines and making the necessary lifestyle changes.

It is these lifestyle changes that he is now hoping to promote to others through his incredible skills and ability to motivate others and help push them towards something better. His accreditation as an ISSA-certified fitness professional has also given him the necessary factual knowledge to help others understand how to bring changes to their lives. You can learn more about Khaddour and his work through hisĀ website.