The Vogue Makeup and Hairstyle by Taylor Swift in “Cardigan” video


The fashion industry is surprised with the dreamy look of Taylor Swift in her very own music video of “Cardigan” as she did her hairstyle and makeup by herself.

Taylor Swift dropped an emotional and appealing eighth studio album with the sizzling songs that were enough to drive the fans crazy. Cardigan is a 2020 song from her newest release of July 23. The music video of the song from Folklore brings you out of the mania of the real-world and takes you to the fantasy world. This new video has a magic to feel.

The magical video

It made her fans, especially female, go wild to know that she did her makeup and hairstyle for this video. Other than the beautiful voice and exceptional lyrics of the song, there is another thing that makes the video dreamier and more special for the fans. It is that she wrote the lyrics and also directed it herself. It is the best example of how celebrities kept them distanced in this pandemic.

From the singer

The single-man-show with the look, the lyrics and the direction are proof that she followed the recommendation to prevent the virus in the best possible manner. Taylor Swift wrote on her Instagram account that the other staff for the shoot was monitored by an inspector from the hospital to make sure that everyone has put the mask on and also stayed away from each other. She also revealed that she did not hire any makeup artist or hairstylist to give her the look rather she did it herself to follow the instructions of social distancing.

The look

The hairstyle and makeup are a perfect summer look with the low braid side buns and nude makeup. It is so natural and generous that anyone can have at home with the help of a tutorial. The carefree and wistful appearance is so cool and undone. The trimmed and light makeup made her skin glow. She is still looking pretty as always. The lip color is gorgeous and lovely. Next time you watch the video of Cardigan, must appreciate the makeup and hairstyling skills of your favourite singer.