Types and Maintenance of Wig and Nourishing Your Hairs


It is the frightening practice to use Wig in the very first time of one’s life. Even the persons who are self-assured about their selves feel dismayed wearing Wig first time. We generally have a habit to ask some questions about Wig to the users and guide them about its use. The users demand the sharing of the right information about Wig, its wisdom, and the know-how about its style. We made an idea to serve our customers about the production of our own product, Wig 101, the beginners’ guide to the mainly famous wig fashion and all the tips and tricks everyone has rights to discern. You do not have to panic, just sit down and scroll our site to gain all necessary information about wig type and use.

We are sharing specialist tips from; Jordan Rodney to address all choirs about Wig. He belongs to Toronto and is serving his time at Toronto’s JouJou Hair Salon. He is passionate about his work. A large number of women observed to use Wig in their lives and he addressed many women in a day. The foremost reason behind this huge number is, most of the peoples have a tuff lifestyle in daily routine. They do not have much time even to comb in the morning. So, to eliminate their precious time to comb their natural hair in the daily morning, they are coming towards the use of Wig.

Jordan shared some beautiful styles about the use of Wig. He also put their words for wig maintenance.

Various categories of Wig

Synthetic vs. human hair wigs

Synthetic types of Wig are easy to use whilst natural or real hair wigs are of much costly to use. The persons can use it for a longer time. But its longevity depends upon the quality of hairs used

Ready-made wigs

These kinds of wigs are famous for being stylish. It is easily available to the costumers and can purchase it from any kind of beauty supply store.

Custom wigs

Such kinds of wigs are personalized to you: to your skull dimension. These wigs can be obtained after a complete discussion with your wig stylists. He acquires the size of your head.  You can also buy it according to your color demand and choice.

Maintenance of your Wig

Wig glues and adhesives

Earlier, it was common practice to use acrylic glues for their wig support on the head. But now, peoples are happiest with the production, availability, and use of water-based glues. These are easier to use and are not harmful to your skin.

The longevity of wigs

The quality of hairs used in wigs and your personal care determine the wig life. Proper storage will enhance its longevity. For storage purposes, a silk bag can be used.

Protecting your natural hair underneath

The protection of your own natural hairs has great importance. If you do not care about your hairs your hairs will wad. We highly recommend you to trim your hair on a regular basis. You should provide miniaturization to your braids and use of quality conditioners for their hair nourishment.