The beauty industry contributes significantly to the annual production of waste (plastic shampoo bottles to facial wipes to disposable cotton balls).
In order to reduce the waste annually produced by the beauty industry, SELFCARE Canada Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new product, reusable makeup removal pads proudly made in Canada, a smart solution that will contribute to minimize waste.
This revolutionary product can be used and re-used many times, by washing it when it gets dirty. The simple idea of increasing the lifespan of the product and making it “re-usable”, helped in decreasing waste.


Let’s calculate the waste produced by normal makeup remover cotton pads! Each woman uses 3 cotton pads per day, or about 1,000 per year. This is the equivalent of nearly 11 million used and discarded cotton pads for an estimated 10,000 women.
Now you see how can a simple gesture of replacing them with reusable, machine-washable makeup remover pads can make a huge impact on the environment?
Extremely soft and pleasant to use, SELFCARE Canada’s reusable makeup remover pads are designed to remove impurities and deep clean the face. They are made of cotton with a small percentage of polyester, shaped like a sheet with a useful tip at the end to make facial cleansing effective.


A box of reusable makeup pads can last you up to two weeks before you need to wash them, since each box contains 15 pieces. To use them, you will simply have to add lotion to your SELFCARE Canada Reusable Makeup Remover Pads and apply to your face in an upward circular motion to give your skin a constant firming and lifting effect.
The average price in boutique is around 15$ to 18$ per box of 15 pads. This is definitely a good range when we make comparison to the other brands. Moreover, you save money on the long term as they are reusable!


Designed with a leaf-shaped design, they are inspired by nature to remind us of our primary cause of ″Zero Waste″. Joining the useful with the pleasant, their leaf-shaped design also makes it easier to clean the corners of the eyes with the pointed end of this simple bold design.


SELFCARE Canada reusable makeup removal pads are designed to last for years of use, so you’ll never need to use disposable wipes, sponges or paper towels again. A simple gesture but one that will have a major impact on the environment, as well as on your wallet.
Not to mention that they are suitable for a variety of tasks, including applying essences, removing waterproof makeup, and as an exfoliation tool.
Reusable makeup pads work wonders on our skin. They are made from cotton, which gives them an incomparable softness. This makes them suitable for all skin types.

MADE FROM THE COMPANY SC CANADA INC.SC Canada Inc. started as a small local company that manufactured custom clothing and high-end dresses in a simple ergonomic workshop.
During the first COVID-19 health crisis in 2020, the young company responded to the emergency call to assist the Federal Government to produce over 100,000 medical gowns for the health system. This situation made them drastically revise their business model in order to reach this goal: moving to a new location in Laval, acquiring new supplies & equipment for production and employing more than 20 employees. Having succeeded in this challenge, they decided to pursue this niche and to offer not only their clothing service but also products made from recycled materials. This new avenue has allowed them to reduce nearly 90% of annual waste and to put forward their corporate values aiming at zero waste.
These reusable makeup remover pads contribute to the global Zero Waste movement and offer a whole new perspective; saving money and bringing efficiency to your skincare daily routine!
These reusable makeup remover pads SelfCare Canada are classified one of the best according to women testers; Give it a try!