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For most people, the life seen in movies or social media is a dream. Luxurious holidays, sports cars, jewelry, and clothes showcasing only the best that life has to offer. For dreamers and lovers of this sort of lifestyle, a new digital brand has entered the spotlight and it is sure to give you amazing content featuring some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop and Rap scene, businessmen, and celebrities living a life of extravagance. The brand is known as Baller News or BallerNewsCo, and in its relatively short time in the entertainment scene, which he entered around 6 months ago, it has amassed over 25.000 followers. The reason for this could be a combination of factors.

Baller News, has itself been known, to have connections in the entertainment industry. These include both connections in media, social media, and even the entertainment industry. These contacts might be one of the reasons that Baller News has had such a quick rise in the world of social media. Still, connections would be irrelevant, if the content found on their Instagram page had not sparked the interest and curiosity of a wider audience.

Their Instagram page is filled with highly curated posts of models, such as Corinna Kopf and Lyna Perez, prominent rappers and artists, like Young Thug, DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, and many others. It is not just the personalities featured on the account that are well known. Images of their lifestyle from houses to supercars being driven in Monte Carlo, to private jets are featured all across the Instagram page which has been known to posts high-definition photographs and videos from metropolitan cities such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Baller News knows that to be on top they need to consistently promote their brand identity and to highly curate their content. This is why they have put their attention towards creating a premium brand image, from their logo to their perfectly organized and curated posts on Instagram. Whether someone is shown their Instagram page or they simply stumble upon it they are sure to want to come back and check out the baller lifestyle of some of their favorite icons and celebrities. This is how the page has amassed such a large audience and continues to grow every day. They appear to have understood that showing luxury can sometimes not be enough, instead, they need to focus on showing the best photos and videos, showing the best possible life, and Baller News, has definitely nailed doing that.