Showtime at Apollo is back with Reopening of Iconic NYC Theater


It’s a return to showtime at the Apollo as the Iconic Theater has reopened this Saturday, August 29. The theater was closed for the live performances and events due to COVID-19 protocols.

The celebration of Harlem concert hall reopening has been held with a star-stubbed lineup including Hona Hendryx, Bishop Hezekiah Walker and the car of the Broadway show “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”.

Though the theatre is back opened but the attendees will have to present a proof of vaccination to enjoy the events. The admission to the reopening celebration is free. Tickets of the reopening event are available on the official website of Apollo Theater.

Harlem’s Iconic theatre has been a source of entertainment and people were missing the events. This reopening means the rebirth of New York City after the pandemic.

It was announced by the Mayor, Bill de Blasio, that theater will soon be open for the public. He also shared that the City plans a grand reopening of Apollo theater at the Harlem musical venue later this month. He mentioned it in a news conference that the city will host “The Uptown Saturday Night Extravaganza”on Saturday, August 28. The doors of the theater will open at 6:00 in the evening.

The reopening event will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the “Summer Soul Musical Festival”. It will also have a variety of musical performances on the genres from including Jazz, Latin, Gospel and much more. A tribute to “Rhythm and Blues legend Lloyd Price” will also be the part of event.

The mayor further said that he knows people were missing the theater and now it is back. He said the culture in the New York City is the music of it. He also said, “People show a reverence for the Apollo Theater and it’s going to be very important that people can go back and be part of this history again.”

Nona Hendryx who is going to perform in the reopening ceremony of the theater shares that she always considered this theater has her home. She is also the member of group LaBelle and really in-to the celebration of reopening. She said that this Iconic theater is the place where she got her musical education. She was sharing it on Thursday, August 26. She said that Apollo is the part of her life since the very beginning and this place is the center of New York City for her. “The Apollo is a testing ground and a proving ground for so many giants in music” she added.

The theater was originally opened in 1934 and shut off due to COVID-19. This reopening will unveil a new expansion of the theater. The expansion in Apollo theater includes the inauguration of two new theaters. One has capacity of 99 people and the other has capacity of 199 people. They are located at the 3rd and 4th floors of the Victoria Theater Development Project.

The president and CEO of Apollo Theater, Jonelle Procope, said that pandemic has been hard for this musical venue but it is back stronger than ever.