Award-Winning Actress, Producer, Director, and Writer was recently headlined on Digital Journal, Fox Sites and more! Dr. Meleeka Clary is most known for her lead role and production of “Three Corners of Deception”, a 2 hour and 19 minute featured film that is making a huge buzz in film festival circuits!Dr. Meleeka Clary is a multitalented actress, director, producer, and writer. She is known for starring on Oprah Winfrey’s Greenleaf, The Resident (Fox Network), Nashville, Genius (Disney +), and more! Read on to find out the latest news on Dr. Meleeka Clary.

Road to Entertainment Industry

Dr. Meleeka Clary was raised in a large family, where she discovered a strong sense of self and independence at a young age. Her father,  Andrew Lee Clary, Sr., an entrepreneur, instilled a business and motivational mentality in Meleeka to follow her dreams, and her mother, Larriana Clary, was a model and a strong believer in faith and Christianity. Meleeka had a strong personality and an attraction to the arts at a young age. Her parents discovered Meleeka had creativity and talent in tap, ballet, and jazz and enrolled her in Vicki’s School of Dancing and Acting. Once her father became ill, Meleeka was raised by her brother and mother. She moved out at age 17 and then soon regained her power back in education and became a successful real estate investor, and purchased her first home age 21. Meleeka earned prominent degrees in education, including a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a master’s degree in criminal justice, and a PhD in clinical Psychology. She also earned her paralegal degree from Northeastern University. Her education, experience, and talent has combined in the creation of her latest movie, “Three Corners of Deception” based on true events. The movie was released in select theaters in 2021, and has other distribution plans that will soon be revealed.

Dr. Meleeka Clary was recently featured on Digital Journal and talks her experience in the making of “Three Corners of Deception”:

There are many obstacles one goes through during creating a passionate movie that is based on true events, but the importance is to stay humble and keep plugging away on the developing of greatness within ones means!  One will lose many people on the way from disbelief or envy but stay true to yourself and keep praying for survival; there is light at the end of the tunnel!” – Dr. Meleeka Clary Digital Journal (2022)

Fun Trivia on Dr. Meleeka Clary:

(1) Dr. Meleeka Clary is originally from Boston, Massachusetts.

(2) She is mixed race of Black, Cherokee Indian, and Portuguese.

(3) Dr. Meleeka Clary has 3 children.

(4) She graduated Curry Collegewith a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

(5) Meleeka loves bible study and going to church !

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