Project Save Our Surf’s New NFT Collaboration with TheGreenGirls


Tanna Frederick is the co-founder of Project Save Our Surf, a water filter program, a surfer, and an actress. She founded PSOS in 2005 with renowned world surfer, Shaun Thompson, and PT Townend.

Frederick realized that surfers know the ocean better than anyone, and know when the water is dirty to surf after a rain and are in touch with cleanliness and balance of the coast. Surfers are the ones who see the sick dolphins and turtles and who pick up the trash in the waves. They see, first hand, how saving our ocean and planet has become critical. PSOS started from an idea, and from there it turned into artists and athletes from around the globe joining in and advocating for saving the ocean.

Project Save Our Surf (PSOS) runs its organization for kids, with kids, and in respect to kids taking over the planet. PSOS takes troubled teens and sends them on leadership trips in which they get to surf for a week at a global surf break located near a village in dire need of fresh water. There, they install fresh water filters and interact with the kids in the village who look up to them as leaders and heroes. They also attend local surf camps with children affected by cystic fibrosis in search of a positive workout retreat which the ocean surf camps provide. The Project Save Our Surf after school programs include assisting inner city schools whose science field trips have lost funding and taking them to see the beauty of the California terrain and coast.

Tanna and PSOS dropped their first NFT last week on Earth Day,  in collaboration with TheGreenGirls, a women focused media source. Like, PSOS, TheGreenGirls are aware that the planet is at critical risk, and our oceans and forests desperately need help.

The NFT, called PSAWSG², features several different Earth-colored traits, including eye color. Each outfit was individually hand drawn and some are even hand painted by TheGreenGirls CEO, Apple Levy. It’s a celebratory, elegant, and colorful series of women of all backgrounds in a lush habitat with adorable creatures. Some images also feature rare Project Save Our Surf surf suits. They hope this NFT they have mutually created will empower the community and the world to help save the planet.

When asked about the NFT world, Tanna stated, “I think the NFT world is a terrific place to create and operate in. It’s a lot of hyper aware individuals pushing fundraising in social impact, environmental change, and gender equality issues just to name a few. They are well rounded and immensely positive – willing to jump on new trends and ideas.”

The NFT world is fast growing, but only 5-15% of women own or are creators or founders of collections of NFTs at present. Tanna hopes this NFT will help start a chain reaction of more women in the NFT space. NFT’s are a place where one can show their creativity whilst creating change. It is anonymous, decentralized, and many women can utilize their art to create organizations for female empowerment, awareness, mental health issues, or as we are, environmental initiatives.

The Project Save Our Surf and TheGreenGirls NFT’s profits will support not only fresh water filtration projects, but planting trees. They will also be minting on Polygon versus Ethereum to negate their carbon footprint. With each NFT purchase, there will be five trees planted. The buyers will also be receiving something for their donation, a limited art edition ‘print’ that will be only in their possession and can enjoy the benefits of it going up in value over time.

Along with the NFT dropping, Tanna and PSOS have an exciting future ahead of them. In August they will be venturing back to the Ben Tre district where they have water filters in place. This new project will involve assembling a team of individuals, of all ages, to surf and then go into villages without fresh water and install and maintain the fresh water filters they have in place.

Tanna explains feeling incredibly lucky to be able to partner with so many amazing organizations, “Since I began PSOS, I’ve believed strongly in strength in numbers and PSOS has always been about supporting all the non-profits that exist out there. How lucky are we in Southern California to have so many beautiful nonprofits that work so diligently to collectively protect our earth?”

The PSAWS G² NFT is available to purchase on Customers will need a 45 Matic to Mint one.

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