Rosie Steele Earns $1 Million on OnlyFans 24 Hours After Joining The internet sensation earned $1 million only 24 hours after joining


Rosie Steele officially teamed up with Grace Agency to launch her OnlyFans account.
In less than 24 hours after her platform on the site, the model, 25, started raking in a whole lot of money. According to Grace Agency, the former reality star has earned an impressive $1 million after sharing exclusive content with subscribers. Using her platform, Steele is giving followers a glimpse into her day-to-day life and sharing never-before-seen photos. But that’s not all! The creator promised fans that there’s more to come as her OnlyFans following continues to grow.
The internet sensation rose to stardom when she was first seen on TV in 2015. Rosie continued to grow her career in both the music and modeling space. She’s also garnered nearly five million followers on Instagram.
With her group of loyal followers, it’s no surprise that Rosie is well on her way to becoming one of the highest-paid and most subscribed to creators on OnlyFans. Her numbers will only continue to grow as Grace Agency — an elite marketing group — already represents some of the biggest influencers. With a promise to push the limits as she continues creating content, we can’t wait to see what Rosie does next!