Tyson Beckford Shares his Game-Changing Glowing Skin Secret


“E!’s Lilliana Vazquez” has an exclusive interview of the model to share about his venture and the secret to his beautiful skin. The famous, iconic Ralph Lauren Polo model Tyson Beckford is turning 50 this December. He has been asked about the secret of his glowing and youthful skin. Beckford has a wrinkle-free, younger-looking skin with no pore appearance.

There are hundreds of photos of Beckford popping up at the internet and all of them shows his incredible skin. He shares that the photos are “from the film” that is not in trend these days. Now everything is digital but photographers back then used to take photos from the shot of the film. He called that time as monumental in the history of the fashion industry.

Tyson Beckford has a congealed personality of an activist against racism and an entrepreneur more than a model. He is also the brain behind Orion Skye fragrances collection.

The Golden Jubilee and the Glowing Skin

Inquiring about great skin secret at 49 (approaching 50), he said that our body needs water just as crops and the skin needs it the most. Skin needs to be moisturized. My friends have wrinkles and they keep asking me what do I do to keep my skin fresh and younger, I always mention I am just drinking water, working out and eating clean; he added. He has cut meats but likes fish.

The idea of Orion Skye

E!’s first question was about how he got inspired for Orion Skye in quarantine. He said that this quarantine revealed people with ambitions who are motivated to do something. They come up with the ideas to work from home, to create something, to improve lives and homes, or create brands to take charge of their lives. Those he called super-entrepreneurs. So, he came up with an idea of business at this time.

Describing Scent

On asking about defining a scent and he said “fresh, invigorating and climatic”. A scent settles in a while and then reach a climax where it smells much better than fresh. The climax introduces another world. The smell gets better with time and you would enjoy it more if you wear it for longer. He said the scent is for men only but he is into the idea of trying making scents for women with the help of Naomi Campbell.

Personal Life

Beckford shares that quarantine has botched up dating life where you cannot see your loved one. Lucky are those who locked down with their girlfriend or boyfriend. We can only read, create and keep ourselves busy in the time.

He says that he sometimes workout twice a day just because he is bored. He sticks to the meal plan, checks on friends, and go for a regular spiritual check.