Environmental Friendly Fashion is Trending Now a days- A Huge Project by Trash the Runway


Now trash is becoming a fashion. Yeah! You are reading the right. Boulder’s Common Threads, a virtual fashion show, asks teenagers and kids to collect trash and make it fashion items. COVID-19 brings obstruction and downfall for all industries like music concerts, theater, and fashion shows. Because of COVID-19, all the crowd holding sites and events has been closed, even the catwalks, from international runways in New York, Milan, and London. That is why “Trash The Runway” (TTR) has decided to arrange a virtual fashion show. Its annual shows were used to happen in every spring, but now these were postponed. It mainly focuses on the work of young local designers.

Trash the Runway’s Vision and Mission

TTR has been displaying the work of students of local middle and high schools since 2009. For the sake of students’ creativity and environmental awareness, this 90-minute virtual live show in the form of competition is going to take place. It is to highlight the use of all the recycled and completely thrown away objects. Ideas like a pantsuit made up of discarded exercise bands, an evening gown made up of old trampoline mat, and an overall or dress made up of thousands of Wrappers of gums. TTR’s formation is the idea of Creative Lab at a recycled selling point named “Common Threads” in Boulder.

It is the common consideration of the local fashionistas that Common Threads is a delivery shop that sells a wide-range blend of recycled fashion. Which also includes wedge sandals of brand Prada and boho blouses from Anthropologie. TRT is an independent workshop for the students of grade six to grade 12. After completing their respective courses, they can build their own stores that follow the philosophy of Libby Alexander of sustainable fashion. The creative lab deals with a wide range of fashion classes for adults, teenagers, and tween-friendly sewing and knitting.

When to Participate in the Show?

This Thursday, June 30, at 7 p.m., you can watch TTR’s virtual show by tuning in to any device you want to pick. The audience members of this show will vote for the fashion item they like the most. This virtual show is pre-recorded. But the process of voting will be live. There are two different categories for which they can give their votes. People will also be able to donate through the active links of the show. This show was also conducted in the previous year along with living shows. They earn a considerable revenue with great profit. All the gained profit was donated to a nonprofit organization named Blue Sky Bridge. This organization work for child abuse, healing, justice, and safe communities.

Participation in this show will be worth appreciating as it will show the support to the fashion industry, environmental cleanliness, and, most importantly, the students’ creative minds.