Designer Makes Fashion Collection By Using Chair Frames And Drapery


Fashion designers are serving the culture and economy of any country by designing clothing, footwear, and accessories. They strive for new ideas and try to create unique designs that can attract customers. Usually, designers have to travel the world to explore new ideas and fabrics for their collection. To get stuff and material suppliers from all over the world, they travel and get ideas. Clothing is a massive point in fashion art. It is one of the crucial focuses that can make a style statement.

Recently, Jessan Macatangay, a graduate from Central Saint Martins, adopted a unique way of integrating chairs into a fashion collection. This collection included a total of five looks, which gradually become lighter as less furniture used in those dresses.

Five items of collection

All the items in the collection made from pieces of chairs. These chairs used as a frame that layered with drapery prepared from silk satin and jersey fabric. Buckle like essentials used to keep the fabric on the place. The first design entirely made of the frame of a chair built into the garment. In the other designs, different parts of the frame were interlace into the clothes. In the last two designs, only wooden buckles like accessories used.

According to the designer, the chair represents the struggle as you put pressure on it while taking rest. The struggle is unavoidable, so the solution is to find beauty in the struggle.

The wisdom behind using a chair

The designer in the first look used a big sculpture on the body, which is more substantial. Then he gradually reduced the amount of wood, making them lighter. The designer wants to message that at the beginning of the struggle, a person faces more pressure, but with time it becomes smaller and eventually becomes part of your body. When struggle becomes part of your body, you become strong, powerful, and hence a better person.

The reason for including chairs in the collection is pandemic. Due to lockdown, Fabric suppliers closed across many countries, hence blocking the supplies. These conditions made him explore alternative options, including dyeing and printing. He also used scrapes and extra chairs available in the surrounding.

Despite the lockdown problems and unavailability of supplies, Jassen completed this collection in two months. In these circumstances, which lead towards disappointment, people like Macatangay is a ray of light for many. He emerged as a more resilient and re-inspired person. As he already believes in the struggle, his collection launching in this challenging time also gave a strong message of hope and resilience.