Dummeboy : The Inspiration behind the Music


The face of music is always changing as new people with innovative ideas enter it. Dumme, better known as Dummeboy, is an American rapper, record producer, mixing engineer, and entrepreneur. Dumme is now the founder and CEO of Dumme Music Ent. Over the past few years, he has done everything one could think of relating to music. In a recent statement though he spoke about how for a few years he was recording at the studio her never took it seriously.

Dummeboy as everyone knows him professionally has recorded his music in some of the most legendary spaces in New New York. Chungking Studio, where the Beatles recorded their iconic track boys, Lil Wayne recorded lollipop, 50 cents recorded I got money and Fat Joe recorded lean back. Apart from Chungking he also recorded forquad Studio, premier Studio, daddy‘s house, engine room studio, and platinum Studio. The opportunity to record in all of these iconic spaces led to a new sort of innovation for Dumme who decided to start making music and his craft more seriously in 2020. During the pandemic, his music was what occupied his days and nights and with time he honed his abilities not just to write music, but also to mix and produce his tracks.

It was amidst the world shutting down that Dumme began producing his record diligently. In his view, while gaining skills and working on his craft was important the fact remains that there is no right or wrong way to make and produce music. His success plan was simply to follow the rhythm, and the vibe and create tracks that he thought others would love as much as he did.

He released his first song, called Ever Drop in 2021. Ever Drop acted as a hint to everything that Dumme can do. More importantly, it was the beginning of his career, a career that is guaranteed to keep moving upwards as he is working with multi-platinum producers like Reazy renegade multi-platinum music producer, Vinnie Venditto who has been certified platinum 56 times and has won 2 Grammys and Mr.Mix and master, aka Vinny Delean, who has had 6 Grammy nominations and over 175 platinum certifications. With his unique team and dedication to creating music, Dumme is guaranteed to reach new heights in the next few years.