Torino Unlimited Noise talks about their new single “Second Hand” and plans for 2023


1. How would you describe your project?

Torino Unlimited Noise is a trio made up of jazz musicians who want to overcome the boundaries of the genre by merging it with techno and electronic rhythms.

2. On December 16, 2022 your single “Second Hand” was released with the Berlin jazz icon Studnitzky. How did this collaboration come about?

It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Sebastian, an icon of European avant-garde jazz, a mind full of interesting ideas and sounds. Our paths touched even before Second Hand. Thanks to mutual contacts we were supposed to meet in Berlin, we had a concert planned which then didn’t materialize due to Covid. We are happy that he accepted our artistic proposal.

3. It’s an instrumental piece. What does the title “Second Hand” mean?

Second Hand is the support of the trumpet to the saxophone, a second hand which combined with the first forms a richer design, a more complete sound. Second Hand is also the fastest hand in digital watches, the hand that goes fastest. This we try to do with the TUN project: go as quickly as possible towards artistic and professional growth.

4. You toured Albania and Kosovo at the end of December to promote the song, among other things. Why these countries? How was the experience? How was your music received there?

It was exciting to play in Albania and Kosovo for the first time. It was thanks to our agency Ludwig Sound and their contacts to local promoters. We didn’t have time to visit the towns, but the people were very welcoming and we ate wonderfully. Our Instagram feed features some videos that tell our days, like a diary. Our music has been very well received and we can’t wait to return.

6. What are your plans for 2023? Will there be other releases?

In 2023 we will have the pleasure of collaborating with the We-Start artistic production center, in Novara (Italy). We will work together on the new live to be presented in the summer and on new music.
The next release is coming soon! On January 20, with another prestigious guest, the beat-boxer icon Dub FX. Our first song with a singer. We are very happy with the result.