Irma Lake’s Journey to the Big Screen


Actress, model and producer Irma Lake is an up-and-coming star. Known for The Lost Princess, The Moderator, and God is a DJ, Lake is an integral part of the H FiLMS community founded by Hicham Hajji.

H FiLMS is Morocco-based production and services company for feature films, television shows and commercials. Most notable past projects include All the Devil’s Men, Dishoom, Redemption Day, Hostile, and Queen of the Desert.

Lake recalls growing up as a shy girl in her early childhood. She attended music school and learned to develop skills, where she found her voice through acting and performing. Early in her career, Lake entered the entertainment industry through modeling and traveling to multiple cities around the world.

Despite her modeling success, transitioning to adulthood came with many personal struggles, whether it was not feeling talented or beautiful enough. Surrounded by many individuals, she began to doubt herself and her accomplishments.

Lake understood there was more to life than just being pretty, and after her suicide attempt, she saw a second chance at life to explore various career opportunities and to seek out what the world had to offer. Her independent work led her into acting and producing, and through her diligence and dedication to the craft, she began landing roles.

Her previous work in The Moderator, directed by Hicham Hajji, is set to be released in 2023.

Lake relates the most to the characters in The Moderator, a story about finding justice and seeking revenge after a blogger’s friends are murdered in Morocco. The strengths of the character Lake portrayed can also be seen in her own life.

Similar to other actors, Lake draws inspiration from Hollywood films. Having English fluency was a major advancement in her career, which gave her more opportunities to land roles and be more involved in the entertainment industry.

When Lake is not working on her career goals, she spends time with friends and family and continues with her self-care routine. Her main goal is to continue working as both a producer and an actress. Lake also finds joy in singing and dancing, and hopes that one day she will be able to showcase them on the big screen.

After battling her own mental health issues, Irma Lake seeks to encourage others through her work. She is an inspiration to women everywhere, reminding them to keep moving forward to find strength and power within.