Meet Roland Ngole, Multiple Award-winning international speaker, and Author.


Roland Ngole is a German multiple award-winning international speaker and author.He has spoken at diverse events and conferences both in Germany and abroad. The trilingual international speaker (German, English, French) has been featured in a wide range of media outlets such as Forbes Global News, Los Angeles Tribune, Epistle news, Manhattan Herald, Hamburg 1 TV,and Berlin TV Stations.He won the international speaker slam competition in Germany two times on a roll and was awarded the winners awards. Roland Ngole is a holder of a bachelor´s degree in International Business administration and a master´s degree in Supply Chain Management. He currently lectures at the Mainz University of applied sciences in Germany. Roland Ngole is on a mission to help individuals achieve their vision and companies to maximize their vision.We had the opportunity to get a hold of him for this exclusive interview. This is what the go-expert had to share with us.

Hello Roland, how are you doing?

I am doing well. Thank you. I hope you too.

Am doing good. What is vision and why do you speak about vision?

Vision is a mental picture of a future state. It is a picture of your future which your mind has been graced to see. I speak about vision because, an understanding of the concept of vision is one of the aspects that helped me turn my life around. I am where I am today partly because of a well-defined vision that I crafted for my life.Moreover, vision is the common denominator behind every personal and corporate success.

Which gaps have you noticed from your work with vision and how can they be closed?

I have noticed that most people in our society don’t have a vision for their life.They don’t understand the concept of vision and the difference between vision and sight. I think schools should start teaching young people the concepts of vision, goal setting and how to use their imagination. This will make a positive impact in the life of the coming generation and help them to unleash their full potential.

What would you tell others looking to get into your industry?

I would tell them to check their motives first before, making the decision to get into the speaking industry. People often approach me and tell me they want to make a living with professional speaking. My question is always what is the motive behind that desire? Do they feel called to be a speaker? or are they merely driven by a desireto be in the spotlight? Anyone who enter the speaking industry with the wrong motive would not stand the test of time. The motive should be a deep desire and sense of mission to positively impact and change people´s lives.

You say that to be successful you must have a vision? At least that doesn’t correspond to the typical way of thinking of most people in our society.

Yes, Vision is a necessary component for success in life. Unfortunately,a lot of people think they don’t need a vision for their life or that vision is something that only has to do with businesses and entrepreneurs. But that claim is not true. People regularly write shopping lists before, they go shopping, but they go through life without a list of things, without a clear vision of what they would like to achieve in life.

That sounds awful. Don’t you think so?

I do think so. People think it’s better to go through life without any expectations because, you don’t know what might happen to you tomorrow or next month or in a few years. Thus, to avoid being disappointed in life, people go through life, without a clear vision for the future. A Japanese saying confirms this: “The person who has no expectations will not be disappointed.”

What is the difference between  vision and sight?

Sight is one of our five senses. It is the ability to see physical things. But vision has nothing to do with that. Vision is a clear mental picture of ​​the future created in our mind and imagination.

Your explanation brings another question to mind. Can everyone have a vision or what is it like if you have a visual impairment, for example?

Absolutely, anyone can have a vision. There are people with visual impairments. Who were blind nevertheless went on to achieve great things in life? An example is Hellen Keller who said: “There is something worse than being blind, it is having sight without a vision.” This makes it clear, that vision and our ability to see are two different things.

Can you explain the meaning of your motto “Pursue your vision, live a vision-inspired life”?

For you to achieve outstanding success in life, you must use the power of vision to clearly define what you want in every area of your life. Moreover, the decisions and choices you make daily must be aligned with the vision you are striving to accomplish in life.

What’s wrong with not having a vision?

It is often said “failing to plan is planning to fail”.Those who don´t have a vision go through life without clarity and expectations, about what they want, so they tend to miss good opportunities. Because they don’t recognize these opportunities on time and were not prepared to seize them. People who have a clear vision recognize and seize the opportunities that align with their vision when, those opportunities arise. Moreover, motivation and focus are a byproduct of vision. People who have a vision for their life’s are highly motivated and focused. These are crucial components for achieving success in life.

Can you share one of your personal quotes with our readers?

There is no comfort zone in the pursuit of vision, when you cross the finish line of your current vision, you will capture a vision of something greater than what your mind had previously conceived.

Mr. Roland Ngole thank you for your time and the value you shared with us.

You are welcome.

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