Rediscovering Maritime Majesty and Inspiring Community Empowerment


Author: AC Carol Jr.

In 2019, the K1 Britannia Foundation embarked on an ambitious mission to revive the legacy of His Majesty King Georve V’s Royal Cutter Yacht Britannia with private money. 

Generously funded by American philanthropist James Linen, and led by the capable hands of Charles Le Gallais as captain of the K1 Britannia America Foundation, the project set out to construct a modern replica of the iconic 121-foot royal yacht. The vision was to create an £8 million pound replica vessel that would seamlessly blend the elegance and allure of the original Britannia with state-of-the-art technology, making it a fitting symbol of maritime excellence for the 21st century.


A dedicated team of skilled artisans, naval architects, and historians, for 5 years poured their expertise and passion into meticulously recreating every intricate detail of the King’s original yacht according to the project’s YouTube page. From the majestic lines of the hull to the opulence of the interior, no expense or effort was spared on the £8 million restoration, to ensure an authentic and awe-inspiring reproduction. The reconstruction process became a labor of love, a tribute to the maritime traditions of yore, and a beacon of hope for the future of seafaring. The sight of the resplendent Britannia, with its towering masts and billowing sails, is a testament to the unwavering commitment to preserving history and the indomitable spirit of those who brought her back to life.

As the project unfolded, unforeseen challenges and controversies emerged, casting shadows over the foundation’s journey. Reports of financial irregularities and allegations began to surface in Saint Martin publications, raising concerns about the transparency and stewardship of funds. Former staff members and volunteers voiced their frustrations, highlighting a lack of clarity regarding the foundation’s finances and raising questions about Ward and Linen’s leadership’s accountability.

Amidst these allegations, the Spirit of Sint Maarten, a luxury yacht funded by Linen and Ward’s charitable trust Green Zones Projects, intended to provide luxury cruises for tourists visiting the island and to provide a venue for charitable events onboard, the newly acquired vessel and enterprise faced its own share of troubles according to an article in Sint Maarten times, now available on the Internet Archive. Crew members and staff reported missing or delayed paychecks, leading to complaints filed with the Sint Maarten labor department. These incidents further fueled the mounting concerns surrounding the foundation’s financial management.

K1 Britannia Replica is Scuttled, like it’s predecessor HMY Britannia

In a dramatic turn of events in 2019, that shocked both supporters and critics alike, the replica of the Britannia was ceremoniously scuttled beneath the waves, mirroring the fate of its predecessor. The decision, made by Linen, Ward, and Hill, remains shrouded in mystery and speculation. Some questioned the motives behind this act, while others pondered the implications for insurance claims and the overall financial health of the foundation.


Photographs circulated capturing the replica of the Britannia being towed away from the shores of the Isle of Wight, stripped of its spars and fittings as was the original. Eyewitnesses reported that James Linen, Scott Ward, and Amy Hill, the vessel owners and board of trustees, were present as a wreath was placed on the bow of the vessel as a tribute to its predecessor, HMY Britannia, the decision was made to scuttle the replica beneath the waves, per the wishes of His Majesty King George for his beloved cutter yacht, the original Britannia. Speculations surrounding insurance claims and the motives behind this action added to the intrigue of the unfolding saga.

The controversy surrounding the scuttling of the replica and the financial allegations left many questions unanswered. Rumors of misappropriation of funds, tax evasion, and bankruptcy swirled around the foundation, leaving a cloud of uncertainty and disillusionment. While these allegations await thorough investigation, they serve as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by charitable organizations in maintaining financial transparency and integrity.

Charting a New Course: Rebuilding Trust and Resilience

Amidst the storms of controversy, the K1 Britannia Foundation remains committed to its core mission of preserving maritime heritage and making a positive impact in the community. Recognizing the need for increased transparency and accountability, the foundation has taken steps to strengthen its governance and financial practices. By implementing rigorous compliance measures, conducting independent audits, and fostering an environment of open communication, the foundation aims to rebuild trust and regain its standing as a respected organization.

Under renewed leadership, the Foundation has redefined its vision and goals. With an unwavering commitment to transparency and community engagement, the organization seeks to restore faith in the foundation’s mission and revitalize its impact. A key aspect of their strategy involves partnering with reputable maritime experts and financial advisors, according to the foundation director Priyanka Thirumur, to ensure sound fiscal management. By adhering to strict accounting practices and fostering a culture of accountability, the foundation aims to regain the trust of donors, volunteers, and the tight knit sailing community in Southampton and Saint Maarten.