Fashion houses disclose plans of some shows without Audience


It’s great news for fashion lovers who are waiting for new collections of brands that the Fashion industry is going to follow the example of a football match by start over its show behind closed doors and without the audience.

On Monday, Christian Dior announced that a big fashion show which was going to held in May, now go ahead on July 22 for sure.

The makeup artists, musicians, and Models will be going to Puglia in Southern Italy, where they will do a catwalk and presents their magic in Lecce’s Piazza del Duomo, with a backdrop and city’s baroque.

Last Year Grand Show

Last year’s fashion show in Marrakech was just amazing, and the stage and halls were full of audience, and many big names like Lupita Nyong’o, singer Diana Ross, Shailene Woodley were there. But this year, due to the pandemic, the event will be played only to the camera, just like a movie.

According to Pietro Beccari, Dior’s chief executive,

The audience will be very limited, and only close family and friends of Dior will be allowed to watch the event because we can’t ignore our family in any case. A designer of Dior said, “I can’t say no to my mother.”

Burberry announced during the weekend that show would take place but in a secret location, but within the beautiful Britain landscape

Tisci said that the London Fashion Week on September 17 would be a physical presence that is welcome for the only experience digitally. Nobody will allow attending the event physically on the location.

Dior said that the brands highly wish to show in front of the audience. We hope we will come out of the pandemic and start again at least in front of a few audiences till September. Beccari said that “Mr. Dior wanted to launch a new look in 1947. It is in the DNA of Dior to stand up and ring a bell for fashion at this moment.”
Mian’s fashion week, which is going to held in early July, will also be a digital event. However, the show of Dolce & Gabbana will be staged in the Humanities University Garden, where the coronavirus funding program is ongoing, hope to get some audience at the time.

In this hard time, brands are trying hard to help those people who want to stay classy and happy by providing their indoor services. I hope this event will be successful as usual.