Contribution of the fashion industry to improving health care facilities in the United States


The pandemic situation caused to create the shortage of critical medicinal equipment, most importantly the particular defensive apparatuses, has undermined the United Kingdom’s capability to crush the coronavirus. Covid-19 is the primary killer of human beings being an unbeatable virus among all others. According to an estimate, the United States has beard above 54,000 deaths of its citizen up to 26th of June, 2020. Whilst, the death rate is increasing day by day, and it is a more terrible situation for the real world. This is astonishing after comparing the figures issued by Hong Kong, which have informed zero death rates in the country. The person who is researching healthcare supply care must consider the future trends that people want to follow. Those who are involving in designing medical pieces of equipment must learn from the fashion industry.

The major drawback of the supply chain is the intelligibility. It has a significant concern with supplying medical instruments for the safety of citizens.  Mostly the hospitals and their management authorities only know the corporation that is in contact with them directly. Sometimes, even medical instruments provider has no information about the suppliers after delivery. Not having precision is a widespread problem in the health care manufacturing business. Almost whole the fashion industry is bearing the same problem from many of the years. Occasionally, most famous fashion designing brands even do not know about the manufacturing area of their products. They have established a chain to market their products, so they have less desire to know about them.

Nonproficient people in the company kills others. Dhaka, Bangladesh beard huge human loss due to fire in their garments factories. More than 100 people died in November 2012, while above thousand were killed in April 2013. The condition of these factories was poor while working for the most famous brands. After this, they were not answerable to the public due to their political support and poor judicial system. But they spent little on supplier’s habitually risky labor performance. After the assessment in 2017, the improvement of the average precision score was observed. The transparency score was increased by 12 points of almost 100 famous brands. Other brands reveal their processing and packaging facilities, unrefined substance suppliers, and other supply chain information.

Prevention after the pandemic breakdown

The fashion industry tells the most important lesson by which one can improve supply chain proficiency. There are possibilities that the medical industry’s transparency index would not be complicated enough, but at a low scale, it would describe the necessary supply chain information. This is important as the manufacturing of specialized products like the N95 mask depends entirely on critical materials used, and the United States is insufficient in producing such materials. Transparency will ensure precise know-how about the production of one specific object during a global health emergency.

Throughout transparency will enable the governments, health care contributors, and citizens to evaluate the drawbacks of the supply chain and exert a sound pressure on producers to fix them for their survival.