Matthius Hanna: A Well Known Personality in Online Marketing


Online marketing is a challenging field that can take time to master. Especially when you are first starting your business journey, it can be hard to decipher whom you should and should not take advice from. One person whose advice is verified is Matthius Hanna. Matthius’s journey began in the financial sales world, but in 2015 he started looking into ways to promote his coaching products. To successfully do so, he started creating strategies that would help generate both sales and leads in the online world.

The tools and skills that he generated throughout this journey allowed him to translate his personal experience into marketing plans that can help any business grow. It started with his “100 Days Challenge”, a project that calls people to step out of their comfort zone and slowly train themselves to take even more courageous decisions to grow their businesses and improve their lives.

Matthius quickly found through this exercise that courageousness could directly help companies build up their PR and marketing concepts as slowly they became more open to having different experiences and putting their foot forward, instead of limiting themselves through their old concepts and preconceived ideas.

This is what Matthius calls having “your mindset in the right place”. By developing yourself through the 100 Days Challenge what you are unlocking is your mind’s potential. This will allow you to create fearless campaigns that are well outside the realm of what others might be used to seeing. Your online marketing and campaigns can become more coherent and bolder, which will in turn draw more and more people in.

To understand this from a practical point of you, you can think of scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. The vast number of content available through the platform can make the viewer numb. In that numbness, all of the content appears generic and nothing pulls you in. However, an unapologetic and fearless campaign can come in and pull the person outside of that numbness. It will be the light in a dark room and naturally, people will be drawn to it.

With the 100 Days Challenge, one can unlock that courage and find the strength to put themselves in the spotlight. To unlock your company’s full PR and online marketing potential you can contact Matthius Hanna for his online marketing coaching services so that you can become a bolder version of yourself.