It’s never too late to be an athlete again.


Michael Freeman, popularly known as Uncle Hank, is a rising star in the world of professional golf long drive. Born in San Francisco, Uncle Hank had a strong athletic background, having excelled in multiple sports such as baseball, football, and basketball at a young age. However, he eventually found his true passion in golf and dedicated himself to mastering the sport.

In the 1960s Michael Freeman’s family moved from Florida to California and he attended both A&M University Florida and the Academy of Art University. Despite being a full-time golfer, Uncle Hank has a diverse set of interests that includes writing and traveling. He uses his writing skills to inspire others and give back to the youth in the community. 

From a young age, Uncle Hank displayed exceptional talent in football and baseball. He was determined to turn his passion into a career. He began practicing every day and his dedication paid off as he broke through the barrier and received a full athletic scholarship. His natural athleticism , drive, and determination have earned him recognition in the golf long drive community, and he is on the brink of reaching new heights.

Uncle Hank’s determination to reach the top of the professional golf long drive world is evident in his goals. He aspires to be among the top 10 professional Long drive in the world in the senior division. With his drive and talent, he has the potential to reach this goal and make a lasting impact on the sport.

One of the key aspects of Uncle Hank’s game is his natural speed. This allows him to perform well in a variety of tournaments and competitions, which is essential in golf Long drive. Uncle Hank’s speed also makes him an unpredictable player, making it difficult for his opponents to plan their strategies.

 In addition to his playing abilities, Uncle Hank is also a great sportsman. He is respectful to his opponents and always tries to bring out the best in himself and his competitors. He is a positive influence on the golf long drive community and is known for his sportsmanship and humility. Uncle Hank’s positive attitude and sportsmanship set a good example for other golfers and make him a great role model for young players.

Uncle Hank is also committed to giving back to the golf long drive community. He is passionate about inspiring others and helping young players achieve their goals. He uses his writing skills to spread positivity and share his experiences with others. Uncle Hank is always willing to help and support other players, and his dedication to the sport and the community is truly inspiring.

In conclusion, Michael Freeman, also known as Uncle Hank, is a rising star in the world of golf long drive. With his talent, drive, and determination, he has the potential to become one of the top professional golfers in the world. Uncle Hank’s natural athleticism , power, sportsmanship, and dedication to the sport and the community make him a standout player and an inspiration to others.