Meet Kaushik Velendra| famous Super Hero Costume Designer


Kaushik Velendra is the most famous fashion designer who sits in one corner but is well known for designing activities in the entire world. It is the source from where you buy costumes of your superhero in every size for yourselves and also for your family members. As superhero outfits are used to make for your families too, everyone can use it ideally from a kid to an older man.

The word, Superman, is the pictogram of peace. He used costume with the perfect combination of red and blue, which reflect his enthusiasm and inspiration. This is hope for his supporters to follow his footsteps. Superman is the personality you never want to mess with others. In the journey, starting from comic books to the big screen in cinemas, Superheroes got the entry into the pop culture. Even though they are well known for their brutal response against the black world in favor of promoting peace in this world, it is hard to pay no attention to their remarkable cloths wear.

We didn’t see superheroes by visual eyes but knows them via TV programs, performing an action in movies, and from comics by the script that they follow. It is the happiest moment to see your male and female superhero in action on a large screen. No one can take your superhero away from you. Anyone can be a superhero; there is no term for age and gender. They are even in you when you wear superhero costume on. When you get inspired by their work, and then why not give a mark of respect to your favorite world-saving hero by using a uniform they used to wear? That can provide you a beautiful look and makes you happy when you become a superhero for a day.

Kaushik Velendra belongs to Bangaluru, India, and faces poverty at an early age. He worked hard by advertising candles on the road with poverty. He did a job in Bollywood as a “light boy” at the age of sixteen and got gig cleaning costumes utilizing in movies. Hence, he entered in his professional life, the costumes designer. Calendar designed costumes for many Indian actors who complained about their weak shoulders, big thigh, or full chest. Soon he became a prominent menswear designer in India.

These costumes have qualities of representative superheroes in you

By wearing such dresses, you will feel like you can bring anything to you and; have more chances to convince anyone to change their dress, work, or give him a new direction with new hope. You may set a plan to enjoy the party with your girlfriend and make it a memorable night, sporting these superhero outfits for that lady. Superheroes are full of persona that encourages us and make us skilled in doing anything in this world. They also make us strong enough to face the world with bravery. It might be a suit of spider man, batman, or any other male or even female superhero, choose the costume best for you.

No one knows from where we can acquire superpowers like them, but you can get full power suit on from Kaushik Velendra and you feel like you have that powers from which, you can achieve anything. The superhero has surfeit qualities, which make him different from the rest. People observe their costume more deeply, and, no doubt, it gives them a unique look in this world. They use dazzling costumes for their job, and you get inspired by their outfits intentionally. We are here to facilitate the availability of amazing costumes of your superheroes. One thing to remember is sure in purchasing quality dresses that are always available from the brand, Kaushik Velendra. There is huge competition among designers but Velendra marks his presence in the Fashion world. He gave his services by designing costumes of many Bollywood heroes, including Ranveer Singh, and secure CSM’s Talent visa for the UK in his success.