Ken Ken: Owner of Great Shape Training


Personal trainer and Owner of Great Shape Training, Ken is the person to go to in order to get the perfect shape. With his expertise in the world of fitness Ken Ken can guarantee that he will transform your body in no longer than 30 days. “Most people want to try to go to the gym on their own, but eventually most lose their motivation to workout” Ken Says.

Other people feel like it takes them way too long to see results but Ken Ken has the solution for it. The “Great shape training” he composed, is the perfect recipe for people to see results in no longer than 30 days. Ken has been working out his whole life and the training he is using to get his perfect body imagined down. He always had a passion for fitness but as he got older, Ken knew that he wanted to work in this field for his professional career. He used to watch different body building shows and workout routines, but never found the right one for him. He finally came with the idea of making his own training and in no time he was shredding weight and on his way to becoming the best shape of his life. He found out that the major secret is that everyone’s body is different. This showed him that he needed to figure out what was the most effective training for his body and others to fit either workout needs. Ever since then Ken has been training everyday and has helped for 5 years now to train prisoners in Ohio State penitentiary. He started to find different ways to help them to escape from mental health and depression issues. Ken assisted them after getting out of prison to help find work toward having a new job and a way to achieve a better future.

After his success at helping the inmates at the prison Ken got an offer to train as a coach at multiple high schools and elementary schools in Cincinnati Ohio. He also got the opportunity to train with the professional boxing Olympic medalist DUKE RAGAN.

Ken’s main goal was to find ways to give back to the people, opening up with his GREAT SHAPE TRAINING SERVICES to start sharing his secrets in body transformation techniques. Ken is looking to take GREAT SHAPE TRAINING to the top. He also wants to create a restaurant dedicated to healthy eating with particular foods to help in your body transformation. Another accomplishment that he would like to achieve is to open daycares for parents who cannot find time to work out due to being a parent and create a place where parents and children can both get what they enjoy. You can follow Ken on his instagram to keep up with his work.


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