Charity Face Masks Designed by British Designers


No one wants to use a face mask now a days. Resulting we are facing the worse condition of the pandemic named; COVID-19, a huge human loss to this world. Many political personalities refuse to use protective face mask whilst some of them are dammed serious about their lives. They are using specialized protective face mask against the Corona Virus. In this way, they are serving humanity by not spreading Corona Virus among human beings.

Peoples are trying to prepare home-based face mask. It shows the awareness in the midst of working class peoples who would like to fight aligned with this pandemic. But the fact is, a homemade face mask is not much effective to protect you against Corona Virus. If you just rely on it, you may get affected by the viral attack spreading in the world.

A group of some peoples are working for humanity in this pandemic. They got the proposal to work pricelessly for human beings to save them from #Corona_Virus. They started to put forward face mask to serve humanity in this virulent disease.

British Fashion Council (BFC)

Rixo, Halpern, Julien Macdonald, Liam Hodges, Mulberry and Raeburn made their team named; British Fashion Council (BFC), to initiate the campaign. They have a specialist in their team to design face mask in a way to protect Corona virus and act as a barrier in the entrance of the respiratory tract in human beings. They follow the instruction from the British Government side about face covering and assist to restrict the thinning out of Corona Virus. FBC’s is working with its partner factories to make sure the availability of Face covering mask continuously.

British Fashion Council has the vision to not to use any kind of plastic to prepare a face mask. They only utilize the pure fabrics to make the re-useable face masks to make it environment friendly, furthermore; to reduce its environmental pollution. These masks are available in the bundle of three masks, having two protective layers. The entire the revenue generated from this campaign will be equally divided in the charity box for; British Fashion Council Foundation Fashion Fund, NHS Charities and in the Wings of Hope Children’s Charity, successfully working in UK, Malawi and India. Anyone can purchase face mask for his own protection, but if you want distinction at the same time as shielding from Covid-19, you ought to buy those masks that also pay back to charity.

Fashion is the industry that binds us; it is necessary that we work in partnership and come nearer to each other for supporting inn worst situation like prevailing in this world. “Our objective is to donate to the struggle in opposition to Covid-19. Such projects will not only promote British designer but also commemorate sustainability during crises”, said CEO of British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush. Hey, from where you can find these face masks to be the part of this chain? These face masks are available at