Interview with Marion Julius Author and Motivational Speaker


“This Is Life When Negative Things Happen Get Back Up And Be Positive.” Marion Julius

Doing an interview with Marion Julius as she tells On Air Story all about how being positive can help you to get better results and outcomes. She also answers questions informing us all about what she does in situations when things get hard and complicated. We begin with who is Marion Julius? A woman, a human being, and a person who is out to make a difference in the world.

What do you do when you’re dealing with failure and rejection?

When dealing with failure and rejection the best thing to do is to never give up. If your failing and being rejected with something its usually because maybe you need more skills in that area. And/or maybe that particular thing or person is not meant for you so try
something else. When a person is dealing with a challenge and its hard to cope what
could they do? Toughen up the harder the challenge the more interesting and fun it can be its time to step out of your comfort zone and dive into something difficult. Because to get to your next destination to be successful at it you have to first be able to handle the challenge. A challenge is like a game you just keep going move by move you just have to be very smart about it.

If you’re stuck in a situation there’s a big problem and its complicated
what should you do?
Don’t panic and keep breathing we must all remember that there is a solution to all
problems therefore its pointless worrying too much about it as things generally do
work out for the best. A problem is also a chance to fix things and find ways at
how to improve just be calm and tackle things one thing at a time.

Marion Julius the ambitious woman who is venturing out into the world to share her knowledge, wisdom and inspirational ideas to others to give them ways at how life can be filled with easier and better ways to do things.