Multi-talented influencer, author, and TV personality Rose Campbell has mastered the art of juggling her brand and being a mother of five. Campbell shares her journey of being a mom in the spotlight with her following of over 100,000 users on Instagram.

Beyond her work of volunteering at nonprofits that work with foster children and running her parent-necessity business, The Stork’s Nursery, her life as a mother reigns the most important. At the age of just 26, Campbell successfully launched her own company, all while corralling her five kids and her husband, John. Through her Instagram page and online blog, Corralling the Campbells, she shows the true, raw side of motherhood.

There are no easy parts to multi-tasking something as complex as running a business and caring for five young children. She has even said it herself in an interview with Mama’s Milk Wrap, “I’m brutally honest about parenting…I post a lot of my everyday life with barely any filters.”

Social media and the entertainment industry can often romanticize what it is honestly like to be a mother. It can seem glamorous or even easy. In Campbell’s blog post, “This Is Parenting: It’s Ok To Cry,” she debunks the misconceptions of motherhood and highlights the typical flaws that come with parenting.

She shares a story about her son in the grocery store one time: “he threw himself on the floor and screamed and kicked. What did I do?!?!… I totally sat on the floor and cried In the middle of the store.”

Her talent for story-telling helps normalize the struggles that come with parenting. Sometimes, it is easy. Most times, it is challenging and frustrating. It is fair to say that Campbell has experience in the field of motherhood. Her tips and tricks are a blessing for parents with toddlers specifically. She understands what children need and the easiest ways to achieve their needs.

She and Jennifer also host a TV show on ROKU, “Stork’s Nursery,” where they help parents design their kid’s dream nursery. Campbell is devoted to helping children and parents, struggling or not. Her expertise in motherhood provides her audience with a shoulder to lean on when they need advice.

She has seen it all. In 2019, Campbell was diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy shortly after her daughter, Genevieve, was born in the NICU under intensive care. Born with an abusive mother and later placed in the foster care system, Campbell learned from an early age what a mother should not be. Despite her trauma from the system, Campbell turned the typical statistical expectation of a foster kid into a successful business that helps others and brings awareness to the foster system.

Her love for children and passion for motherhood stems from being surrounded by so many other children growing up; she tells Mama’s Milk Wrap. Her new book release, Dying Inside, covers her account with a specific foster care child who shares her traumatic experiences while in the foster care system.

Being a mother and an adoptive daughter, Campbell’s viewpoint, along with her personal experience in the design, captures the true heartbreak foster children endure. Life as a businesswoman and entrepreneur is complex in itself. Powering through the competitive market of mom bloggers and going against the odds of what a “typical foster care kid” grows up to be.

Campbell’s success paves a path for other aspiring mothers and parents. Her raw and unfiltered videos, photos, and stories peel layers away from the romanticized motherhood that social media has portrayed for so many years.