Review: Donna Vixen

This record has gotten rave reviews in Europe.it has the club DJs on edge, anticipating its
late December release. However, the singles will ship only on vinyl, says label head, Ronnie Mcpherson.
We have already done testing with a few songs to get a feel for the record’s performance. I am thrilled with the response we have been getting thus far.
Freak the Music is a smash hit driven by vocals of Joe Love;
the synths on this track are just incredible intensely hypnotic produced by Ronnie Mcpherson. In addition, there are several remixes on the record that gravitate almost immediately.
The album heavily influenced by the Chicago jack your body vibe. One thing one can be sure of is that the instrumentation of every track was well thought out.
The ICONIC album is full of melodic phrases and driving drum grooves.
The way the synths blend in and out around Harry Dennis vocals is like watching a figure skater on ice.
Lyrically Harry Dennis does bring the pen to the party as he orchestrates his themed classics. “Distant Planet, The Jungle, Time Marches On, Rainforest Serenade, Kiss the Sky, Freak The Music, Human Condition, Ancestors Walk, Mystic Voyage, Donnie, Crying,
Somebody Somewhere, Monterrey, Breeze and Months of Mays. What is the success of this record only Billboard knows?