The Secrets of Joseph Altuzarra Working Under Lockdown Only a Handful Of People Know


Joseph is a fashion designer who lives in New York. He made luxury clothing, especially for women, and introduce his famous ready to wear brand that name is Altuzarra.

When the coronavirus disease came, many people’s lives affected by this disease. The government of every country announced the lockdown. Because, when they stay at their homes, then they save from themselves. But this lockdown is proved very surprising for Joseph. He rested his home for only a few months due to this lockdown, every business face problem, a decremental change in revenue, and sale volume.

Altuzarra Spring Collection

According to Joseph, when he wants to go for enjoying his weekend and then lockdown announced. He spent massive time at his home and did all his work of pre-spring collection and jewel accessories by remotely with the collaboration of his whole team. And complete it before starting the spring season.

The joseph found some secrets about work how they do work under the current lockdown situation. These things will be beneficial for other peoples. He thinks about creativity under this downtime. He said that we should be creative as well as make something different. That becomes our brand differentiate from others. Also, describe the whole process of his collection in detail. He used to zoom as well as virtual Google Sheet with his entire team and distribute their duties or responsibilities. After doing this, he gained significant experience and new creative ideas. Because I feel good peaceful and joy able comforts from creativity.

Altuzarra Fashion Story

Altuzarra has become the most magnificent and famous fashion brand in New York. Because he knows what type of clothing women want to wear? This brand was found in 2008 by joseph’s parents and had great success. It has become a part of red-carpet, also won the award. Celebrities and influencers say, Altuzarra knows about wearability and have a sense of fashion. He is managing that how-to woman gets to feel when they introduce their any collection. Because they know about ideas of comfort and relaxing is continue.

Lockdown Benefits for Altuzarra

Altuzarra got many benefits in this lockdown situation. Because he spent all of his great time with his daughter, he also gives credit to the whole global community because they support us. And through remotely, we are all designers connected. Even then, we do not meet them; that’s a significant advantage of this lockdown. There are many challenges and difficulties that we face and experience, but every day they polishing us.

Esty’s Collaborating Project with Altuzarra

Now, Altuzarra launched a new project about jewelry with the collaboration of Esty. Because they love handmade inspired jewelry, I also love everything supporting other people who do all this work at their home and sell them on Esty. And I make conversation with them; they also support the small-scale businesses. Now, I love to sew, knitting, do embroidering because they feel me comfortable and happy.