Clothes of Crescent Striving Clothing Brand



Jemaurie Beneche is from Boston, Massachusetts and he started his clothing brand he calls Clothes of Crescent and he launched his project in early July. He has gained massive attraction to his online clothing shop with his instagram social reaching over 40k followers. He also plans to start a small music label as well since he started managing music artist SkyRohket. Jemaurie has also scored himself a massive collab with Hot Topic & Attack on Titan that is in theworks and is anticipated to drop sometime in 2024. Jemaurie is also planning an in person pop up shop in one of the most well known areas in Boston on Boylston Street. He said his meaning behind the brand was “Back in high school when I first had the idea to start a brand I would always let my good friend Xavier know what I was thinking about and I told him about the clothing idea. We were trying to come up with a name for the brand and for some odd reason, we had this weird obsession with the way the crescent moon looked. Then we got really deep into it and he asked me what I thought it symbolizes. Now to be honest I had no idea what it symbolized, but I thought it symbolized empowerment considering how close it was bringing me and his friendship. As I grew older I’m learning that the crescent moon symbol is somewhat popular in many religions which kind of backs up my thought of what I thought it symbolized back then. So yea to sum it down the meaning behind all of this is to come together and have people in my signature clothing to show empowerment as a whole.” Stay tuned to his instagram @clothesofcrescent to stay updated he got some crazy collabs he is going to announce soon.

Jemaurie says the one person he thanks the most for starting his brand would be “Sam from Half Evil”, he continued to say “Yea man Sam is literally the goat! he owns a shop in Chicago and it was my first time coming down there to visit my good friend TheHxliday, but basically, I went in there thinking I was going to spend money because this is my all-time favorite streetwear brand and once I was ready to pay they told me not to worry about it and blessed me with a whole new wardrobe and I don’t know it really touched my heart because he did not have to do that all you know? like at the time I was just a random person to him so him doing that really solidified my motivation to go full force with the brand.” Then he said “Another inspiration would be my boy TheHxliday I just mentioned! He brought me out to Chicago & Los Angeles and I was able to catch a grip on different cultures and views on different streetwear brands and that helps me when I’m making my designs because I can tell what’s appealing to the eye. Thehxliday also has brought me around some pretty important people that also show a lot of love to my brand and I will forever embrace my brotherhood for that dude.”

Jemaurie also says that he is working with a friend to make a game for the brand. He is also working on a collaboration with his main artist SkyRohket for one of his projects coming out real soon. Clothes of CrescentI got in touch with Hot Topic & Attack on Titan and are on track to release the project in mid-2024.

In a interview with Alexander Gustin & Jemaurie, he shared some pretty impactful people that helped support his business.“Shoutout to my family of course for supporting me through my highs & lows, my dawg TheHxliday helped in so many ways this interview would take mad long to finish but i love that man so much! , all the Cult 33 Members, my boys back home in Boston, and Xavier! without them I wouldn’t have started this clothing brand at all. Love them to death.”