How YOOX will help you find your Fashion partner


In the pre-digital world, our sense of style has talked a lot about our values and who we are as people. In fact, the exchange of such personal aesthetic and gustatory qualities actually helps form the backbone of most of our closest friends.

Now that the world is interconnected, the things we wear and buy speak more about us than we probably understand, so the online store has launched a small series of AI-enabled campaigns that hope to introduce you to a whole new friendship group. That you never knew what you wanted.


As part of the 20th-anniversary celebration, the e-commerce giant launched the #sharethelove campaign to bring together customers from around the world to spark new conversations.

Using specially developed artificial intelligence technology, introduced a “twin machine,” which hopes to “identify and integrate customers through consumer preferences, dreams, and common styles.”

How does it work?

Customers can create profiles for themselves, and after they are identified, they will be compared with 10 others, receiving their markers on social networks and inviting them to join the Yoox community specializing in fashion.

AI IG filter

The #sharethelove campaign also features an Instagram element, with the creation of a custom AI IG filter. The idea behind the encounter is “ the love comes back if you share it” and for each person who sending a message of love, uses the filter and hashtag, YOOX donates a certain amount to World Vision, an international children’s charity that works tirelessly to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children.