Creating Stars, Not Chasing Superstar” 8 (Eight) formula for success attributed to filmmaker Ali Zulfikar Zahedi


Are you tired of chasing stars and paying big bucks for big names? As an independent filmmaker, your budget is limited, but your imagination is limitless. Forget the familiar looks and fake celebrity of film Industry. You have the ability to shine your own star. My secret for success is to create stars rather than chase them. Ali Zulfikar Zahedi’s strategy for success is to spot raw potential, develop their talents, and launch new faces into stardom through the magic of film and some savvy marketing. You can create a celebrity and develop buzz from the ground up with the right actor, the right role, and the appropriate promotion. Why pay top dollar for a Superstar when you can create your own?

Ali Zulfikar Zahedi’s strategy for success is to spot raw potential, develop their talents, and launch new faces into stardom through the magic of film and some savvy marketing. You can create a celebrity and develop buzz from the ground up with the right actor, the right role, and the appropriate promotion. Why pay huge money for a Super Star when you can create your own? Your next big star is out there waiting to be discovered. Are you ready to work your movie magic?

Why I Prefer Up-Coming Actors over Established Stars

Why waste money chasing after flashy stars when you can make your own? As a director, I prefer working with emerging actors over renowned actors. It not only saves money, but it also allows me to mold an emerging star and help them build their career from the ground up.

Newcomers bring a sincerity and rawness to the table that established performers frequently lack. They haven’t had years of media training and aren’t yet weary of the industry. This results in performances that have a strong emotional impact on the audience. When viewers see a new rising star, they feel as if they are discovering that skill alongside you.

New stars can generate just as much buzz and excitement as well-known celebrities with the correct marketing and promotion. With lower upfront costs, the financial risk is reduced as well. If the film is a success, you’ve introduced a new star and begun a lucrative long-term professional relationship. If not, you can on to the next assignment with little loss.

The fun for me is in the invention, not the pursuit. I want to discover and polish diamonds in the rough. While other directors compete for the hottest stars of the day, I’m working developing the next generation.

Why follow the crowd when you can lead the way? Blaze your own trail, save money, take creative risks, and make cinematic history by launching the next big star. Turn your reel into real by creating stars, not chasing them. The rewards of this approach are well worth the effort!

 The Expensive Cost of Seeking Super Stars

Forget about the big names and concentrate on newcomers. Finding the next big star is far more interesting than paying exorbitant fees for an established celebrity. When you produce a star, you help to shape their image and their career. You get to introduce the world to an intriguing new talent!

Chasing established stars is prohibitively expensive. Those big payouts and demanding riders can quickly deplete your budget before you even begin filming. Instead, do what famous directors have done for decades: identify an unknown with something exceptional and transform them into a star.

Finding new talent is difficult but rewarding. To begin, we can cast a wide net at acting schools, community theaters, and online. Look for charisma, genuineness, and that intangible trait that distinguishes a star. Hold open auditions and look for the gem in the rough.

Instead than chasing stars, make your own! It’s a thrilling adventure that has the potential to change the life of an unknown actor and establish an exciting new career. Make history by uncovering talent rather than purchasing it. My success formula is to create stars rather than chase them.

My Approach to Identifying Promising New Talent

I don’t sit around waiting for the next big star to strike my eye when it comes to discovering interesting new talent. I go out and find new faces with a lot of potential and turn them into stars. My approach for discovering bright young actors and developing them into stars is straightforward but efficient.

First, I look for noteworthy performances at acting schools and small theaters. Nothing beats seeing an unknown actor command the stage and moves an audience. I take down their names and begin following their work.

Then I invite a couple people to auditions and chemistry reads. There, I search for “it” traits such as magnetic charisma, a love of the trade, and a work ethic as strong as their talent. The actors who shine in auditions and demonstrate a talent for taking direction advance to the next round.

Then, through a collaborative rehearsal process, I work closely with the actors to hone their skills and shape memorable performances. We explore different line readings, movements, and emotional beats until striking the perfect balance. These rehearsals are where I uncover an actor’s true potential and the makings of a star.

Finally, I give actors opportunity to obtain vital experience by casting them in my projects. Audiences quickly take notice of these compelling new talents with the correct marketing and word-of-mouth buzz. Soon, the performers are earning bigger roles and signing with agents, and they are well on their path to success.

While pursuing existing actors may appear to be the easy way out, nothing excites me as a director more than unearthing a diamond in the rough and molding an unknown actor into a budding star. My method has created many remarkable careers, and the next big star could be just an audition away with hard effort and determination!

Formula of Marketing a New Face: Coaching and Developing a Star with a International Collaboration

Creating a star is a wonderful collaboration that demands devotion and teamwork. Your role as the director is to coach and grow your developing star into a true star. This entails providing them with advice and opportunity to shine.

  • Find the “IT” Factor (Formula – 1)

To begin, seek for actors that have that extra something—charisma, screen presence, and natural skill. While abilities can be taught, star quality comes naturally. Look for new faces with the potential to become stars.

  • Build Their Skills (Formula – 2)

Acting lessons and workshops can help your performer improve their trade. On set, work closely with them, providing notes and encouragement. Be patient as you make mistakes and missteps. Their abilities will improve as they gain experience.

  • Create Buzz (Formula – 3)

Promote your new celebrity with social media, press releases, interviews, and appearances. To acquire exposure and critical praise, they should submit their work to film festivals. Make a big deal out of their “breakout” performance to get people talking. Word of mouth is really important!

  • Provide Opportunities (Formula – 4)

Cast your emerging star in roles that will allow them to show off their talent and star power. Make opportunities for them to network with other professionals in the sector. Assist them in obtaining auditions for larger projects in order to improve their profile. Allow them to spread their wings!

  • Offer Mentorship (Formula – 5)

Creating a star is a long process that takes vision, belief, and collaboration. But, as your new star shines brightly, you’ll both rejoice in their success, knowing you had a key role in assisting them in achieving their goals. The most Charming victory!

Do you really want to create stars? You’ve come to the correct place, my friend. I’ve used my time-tested success formula to propel dozens of aspiring performers into prominence throughout the years. Are you prepared to discover a master star creator’s secrets?

  • Find Fresh Faces (Formula-6)

The first step is to find new talent. In acting classes, neighborhood theaters, and internet video platforms, I look for aspiring actors with that special “it” factor. Whatever you want to call it—raw talent, charisma, on-screen presence—I can spot it. Look for actors who are entertaining and can naturally communicate with viewers on camera. These new faces are unpolished diamonds simply ready to be polished and displayed to the world!

  • Build Buzz (Formula-7)

Once I’ve found an intriguing new actor, it’s time to start developing hype. I contact bloggers, influencers, and journalists in the industry to inform them about this developing talent. I share behind-the-scenes footage, teasers, and exclusive interviews to generate curiosity. Fans are already anticipating the new actor’s debut by the time we’re ready to officially “launch” them.

  • Create Opportunities (Formula-8)

The last step is to place the new celebrity in the spotlight. I attempt to get them auditions for main roles in films and television series where they can show off their skills. To boost their reputation, I also organize promotional events such as red carpet premieres, award shows, and talk show appearances. These new faces rapidly become household names with the correct opportunity and exposure, and a new star is born!

Trust me, with the right person and the right plan, you too can create stars—not just chase them! Now go discover a diamond in the rough and make them shine. The world is waiting to meet the next big star, and you’re the one to introduce them!

Forget the costly actors: Why new talent is required

It’s time for fresh talent to take center stage. Emerging performers have the ability to go viral and become instant social media sensations. Film magic is created by stumbling into talented undiscovered!
New actors mean lower costs and bigger rewards. Instead of blowing the budget on overpriced celebrities, take a chance on newcomers. Their social media followers will flock to support them, building buzz and boosting ticket sales. And who knows – you may just discover the next big star!

Fresh stories accompany new faces. Instead than recycling the same old stories, new talent sparks novel concepts and varied storytelling. Their particular experiences might help create original, culturally significant films that connect with viewers.

Casting unknowns is far more exciting these days. In the age of streaming and social media, people crave authenticity and representation. Familiar celebrities feel stale, while new faces capture our curiosity and imagination. Their raw talent and passion for the craft shines through, reminding us why we fell in love with movies in the first place. The future of film depends on new artists with new visions. We give voices that ought to be heard a chance to be heard by taking a chance on unproven actors and giving them a stage for their work. Start looking outside of the spotlight now because real star power is out there. With open minds and fresh talent, together we can save the film industry. The future is unwritten, so let’s give new actors a chance to shape it!

Why new talent is more important than celebrity names

The movie business has always relied on well-known celebrities to sell tickets, but in the age of social media and online stardom gone viral, up-and-coming talent is more valuable than ever. Finding and marketing brand-new, talented actors and actresses is essential for efficiently launching upcoming movie stars.

The best way to find emerging actors and actresses by  watching for emerging talent in independent movies, online series, student movies, and theater companies. Attend showcases, investigate social media sites such as YouTube and TikTok, and establish contacts with acting Teachers and coaches. More important than red carpet appearances are charisma, honesty, and raw skill. Reach out and establish a connection with up-and-coming musicians you deem potential. Offer them small parts to start so you can evaluate their abilities and on-screen presence.

Why new faces are more relatable and authentic

Who doesn’t love discovering fresh new talent? When a film introduces an exciting new actor or actress, audiences instantly connect with them in a way that’s hard to do with an established celeb. New faces appear more genuine and relatable. We get to see them develop as artists and establish their careers from the ground up. Their performances are honest and genuine. And because we don’t know who they are, it’s simpler to become lost in the personas they play.

Casting emerging actors in lead roles is also a smart business move. They’re more affordable and help keep production costs down, freeing up budget for high quality scripts, cinematography, and effects. Their enthusiasm and work ethic tend to be stronger too, as they have more to prove.

The film industry needs fresh blood to stay vibrant and relevant. New faces bring new stories, new perspectives, and new opportunities for connection. While big name celebrities will always have their place, seeking out emerging talent should be a top priority. The next generation of movie stars is out there—we just have to find them!

Going Viral on Social Media & how social media has democratized fame

The rise of social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others has made it simpler than ever for unknown actors to get found. Instead of spending money on expensive marketing campaigns, aspiring celebrities can now build their own followers by releasing short movies, behind-the-scenes clips, and other interesting stuff.

An unknown performer can earn millions of admirers apparently overnight with a single viral video. Their meteoric rise to popularity is a studio executive’s dream—audiences already love them, so their movies are nearly certain to succeed. Compare this to the significant financial risk of hiring a well-known A-Lister.

The Rising Cost of Celebrity Talent

Casting fresh new faces is way more exciting than relying on familiar celebrities these days.  Up-and-coming artists and actresses have a big opportunity for viral success because social media gives ordinary individuals a platform to become overnight sensations. Film magic is created by stumbling into talented undiscovered!

Producers can locate a passionate rookie for a tenth of the price instead of paying millions for a well-known star. Viewers enjoy watching relatable new stars make their big break on the silver screen, and their social media following and built-in fan base give free promotion.

The next generation of cinematic stars is out there, just waiting to be discovered. The stars of tomorrow will be discovered by scouring acting programs, local theaters, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for the hottest new talent. The development of fresh faces, voices, and narratives is essential for the film industry’s future. The secret to success in today’s entertainment industry is finding and promoting emerging actors and actresses with greatness potential. There may already be the next big name waiting to be found! That idea is intriguing, isn’t it? Fresh, young actors are the faces of cinema’s future, so start looking!


You hold the power to shape the stars of tomorrow. You have the ability to take unrealized promise and create a legend that will live on for a very long time as a director. Forget about spending outrageous amounts of money to pursue fading talents. Spend your money on young people who are full of potential rather than saving it. With the right script, direction, and marketing plan, you can forge your own legacy and develop new stars. You hold the key to the future of cinema, so get out there and start creating stars. The next icons you introduce are eagerly anticipated by the world. Success is yours for the taking; start looking for the future’s brightest stars right away!

You have the power to change Bangladesh Film Industry for the better. Stop waiting around for the next big blockbuster and start seeking out fresh talent in your own backyard. Who knows, that charismatic barista at your local coffee shop or hilarious improve actor at the comedy club down the street could be the next big star. Unearth hidden gems in your community and give aspiring actors a chance to shine on the silver screen. Together, we can save the film industry one new discovery at a time.

Forget about celebrities who are pricey, divisive, or in decline. The most effective way to develop interest in new movie stars is to discover and promote new talent.

With the right roles, skilled collaborators, and a promotional campaign that focuses on their authentic and relatable brand, emerging actors can attract audiences and establish a long, successful career. Giving a newcomer a breakthrough role is a win-win situation.